never mind something

never (you) mind (something)

Don't worry or bother about something. Never you mind his remarks—he's just jealous. I want to get this for your kids, never mind the cost!
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never mind (about) (doing) something

used to tell somebody that they should not think about something or do something because it is not as important as something else, or because you will do it: Never mind the washing-up — we haven’t got time.Never mind saying how sorry you are, who’s going to pay for the damage you’ve done?
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He said: "No doubt, 20 years is a long time to be away from anything, never mind something as physical as wrestling.
Nicky Henderson is always a good man to side with in festival handicaps, and Juveigneur is a solid opponent for any horse in this race, never mind something like Distant Thunder, who isn't the most reliable.
We couldn't organise the Love Parade, never mind something bigger.
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