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in neutral

with the shift lever of a vehicle in the position where the motor is running but is not powering the wheels or other moving parts. The car rolled down the hill because I'd left it in neutral and did not put on the brake. If you are moving and in neutral, you do not have control of your vehicle.
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on neutral ˈground/ˈterritory

in a place that has no connection with either of the people or sides who are meeting and so does not give an advantage to either of them: We decided to meet on neutral ground.
See also: ground, neutral, on, territory
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Plug-on Neutral load center and circuit breaker system Eliminating the pigtail connection saves contractors time as they work to comply with expanding Combination Arc Fault National Electrical Code Compliance.
The goal of the standing neutral is to efficiently manage the dispute.
Section (b) sets out the ethical obligations of those acting as third-party neutrals straight-forwardly: "A lawyer serving as a third-party neutral shall inform unrepresented parties that the lawyer is not representing them and shall explain to them the difference between the lawyer's role as a third-party neutral and a lawyer's role as one who represents a client.
By partnering with Neutral Tandem, we can now enable carriers to accelerate their time to market while minimizing their initial expense for launching new applications such as Visual Voicemail and VoiceSMS.
Cognitive dissonance (Festinger, 1957) is revealed between hot target and neutral picture recognition, recorded and computed with simple statistical comparisons.
A neutral accountant gathers documents, makes inquiries of both the husband and wife, determines their income and expenses and prepares a schedule of assets and liabilities.
A neutral scheme will provide a potential purchaser with that simple backdrop against which they can picture themselves and their own furniture.
The Climate Neutral Network recently named Shaklee the nation's first climate neutral corporation.
In addition, you can enhance the fund's neutral characteristics by equally weighing longs and shorts within finite industry groups, like energy stocks.
They were rated as neutral by 3 percent and negative by none.
Mix and match -- Merge multiple neutral palettes to create a quiet charm.
We are committed to improving the integrity of the nation's telecommunications infrastructure," said Rian Wren, Chief Executive Officer at Neutral Tandem.
This study explores technologies for rosin use in neutral alkaline papermaking conditions, and the development of new anionic resin to be used in neutral-alkaline papermaking.
The state law calls for a neutral third party to determine whether CNA has collected the necessary number of cards.
At the recommendation of both parties, the Chairman of the department of biochemistry and biophysics at the University of California San Francisco is appointed to sit as the neutral expert on the three-member panel.