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wireless network

A system by which a computer, cell phone, or other device can access the Internet without being plugged into a router. I can't connect to the Internet on my laptop—why isn't the wireless network working? What's the password for the wireless network?
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the old-boy network

A network of privileged men who are members of the same organizations and institutions and who assist each other in professional advancement. When you graduate from Yale, you're not only getting a degree, but a priceless entry into the old-boy network.
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the old boy network

The old boy network is the system of contacts made by men at private schools, universities or clubs, which they use to help each other. The majority obtained their positions through the old boy network. Note: This expression is used to show that you do not think that this sort of system is fair.
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the old boy network

mutual assistance, especially preferment in employment, shown among those with a shared social and educational background.
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the ˌold ˈboy network

(British English, informal) the practice of men who went to the same school using their influence to help each other at work or socially
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Her eyes dwelt affectionately on Green Gables, peering through its network of trees and reflecting the sunlight back from its windows in several little coruscations of glory.
A thick padding fastened upon a kind of elastic network, made of the best steel, lined the inside of the walls.
It is but a group of hollows, craters, circles, a network of crests; then, as far as the eye could see, a whole volcanic network cast upon this encrusted soil.
The muscles stood up sharply under the network of sinews, covered with this delicate, mobile skin, soft as satin, and they were hard a bone.
Innovation Drives the Network Outsourcing Market II-6
Its relationship to another expanding field of study, social network analysis (SNA), is important to aid the reader in understanding some of the current trends in the field of management.
Key words: cellular automata; collective dynamics; complex system; congestion control; emergence; communication networks; long-range dependence; modeling and simulation; network traffic.
With organizations relying more and more on the network infrastructure as the primary conduit for all information, the demand upon network managers to provide a network that is free from downtime and performance constraints is greater than ever.
It examines and compares the three most popular network types: local area networks (LANs), peer-to-peer networks and shared-processor networks.
SAN FRANCISCO -- From the Microsoft Network Access Protection Partner Pavilion at the RSA show (booth 2325), Lockdown Networks([R]) today announced that its flagship NAC solution, Lockdown Enforcer[TM], is now shipping with full support for Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP).
The swell of interest in RNMS stems from new challenges that make it difficult for network managers to maintain the status quo.
The iNAC architecture creates an extensible NAC policy environment that enables a growing number of third-party security and network infrastructure products to collaborate in network access decisions and actions, leveraging NAC's ability to assess endpoint compliance and enforce policy decisions on the network.
Nasdaq:JNPR) today extended its commitment to open standards for network access control through its new Unified Access Control (UAC) 2.
iPolicy is recognized as one of the industry's most 'visionary' network security solutions, designed to perform deep inspection and secure high-speed enterprise and carrier network environments against current and emerging threats.
With seamless security integration from the network through application layers, the joint AEP Networks-Lockdown Networks solution will overcome one of the trickiest security challenges companies face today: providing a uniform approach to ensuring policy-based access, from the edge to the core, throughout the enterprise, regardless of the technology (i.
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