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find the net

In sports that use netted goals (e.g., soccer, hurling, hockey, etc.) or hoops (e.g., basketball), to score a goal or point by sending the ball or puck into the net. Their offense played brilliantly today, but they just weren't able to find the net often enough to secure a win.
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all is fish that comes to his net

A phrase that describes one's ability to make use of anything available. I don't know how Chris fixed his car with the few tools he had with him at the time, but he's so smart like that—all is fish that comes to his net.
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cast (one's) net wide

To consider a variety of options. I always encourage my students to cast their nets wide when contemplating potential careers.
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cast (one's) net wider

To broaden one's search or criteria for something, thus giving oneself more options. A: "I don't know why John has only applied to Ivy League schools when he only has average grades." B: "I know, I've told him to cast his net wider."
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safety net

A collection of resources available for use in case of problems, often financial ones. With the unpredictability of freelance work, I always make sure I have money in my savings account as a safety net. Cuts to welfare are just one example of how society's safety net has been weakened.
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slip through the net

To go unnoticed or undealt with; to be unintentionally neglected or ignored, especially in a corporate, political, or social system. With other issues like drug addiction and unemployment taking priority for the government, the welfare of children in the foster system very often slips through the net. We were all so busy drawing up the contracts for this new deal that the appreciation dinner we'd promised to our interns simply slipped through the net.
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spread (one's) net wide

To consider a variety of options. I always encourage my students to spread their nets wide when contemplating potential careers.
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surf the net

To browse the various content of the Internet. With the ubiquity of affordable smartphones and computers, everyone from seniors to preschoolers is able to surf the net these days. I just worry that he spends too much time surfing the net alone instead of hanging out with other kids his age.
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net result

The outcome after everything—good and bad—has been taken into account. I know we've had to make some unsavory choices to get here, but if the net result is a benefit to the world, then isn't that worth it in the end? Once you factor in income tax, offset by your business deductions, the net result should be a sizable chunk of money.
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surf the Net

to browse around in the contents of the Internet. I spend an hour a day or more surfing the Net.
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cast your net wider


cast the net wider

COMMON If you cast your net wider or cast the net wider, you include a larger number of people or things, especially when considering or choosing someone or something. The easiest way to find members is through friends of friends but if you want to cast the net wider, put an ad in your local bookshop. We will cast the net wider to look at other factors too. Note: You can also say that you cast your net wide, meaning that you include a large number of people or things. Clarke, as director of training, decided to cast the net wide in the search for the best candidates. England's selectors have been careful to cast their net wide to prepare for the World Cup. Note: The verb spread is sometimes used instead of cast. Ferguson advised him to spread the net wide in his search for players. Police had searched the local area and found nothing so they were spreading their net wider.
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slip through the net

1. If someone or something slips through the net, they are not helped or noticed by the people or system that should protect or deal with them. Somehow, these children have managed to slip through the net of health service providers. Faulty tests may mean infected animals are slipping through the net. Despite being the female lead in the most successful film of 1989, Kensit seemed to slip through the net of casting directors. Note: You can also say fall through the net with the same meaning. Doctors are concerned that patients will fall through the net under the new system.
2. If someone who is behaving illegally slips through the net, they avoid being noticed and caught by the system that is meant to catch them. Police admit that under the new system, the killer would probably still have slipped through the net.
3. If illegal goods slip through the net, they are not found by the system which is meant to discover them. A shipment of 44 kilos of cocaine slipped through the customs net at Gatwick. Note: The usual American expression is fall through the cracks.
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slip (or fall) through the net

escape from or be missed by something organized to catch or deal with you.
1977 Margaret Drabble The Ice Age Britain is, after all, a welfare state, and not many slip through its net.
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surf the net

move from site to site on the Internet.
Surf here comes from channel-surfing , the practice of switching frequently between channels on a television set in an attempt to find an interesting programme.
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cast/spread your net ˈwide

consider a wide range of possibilities or cover a large area, especially to try to find somebody/something: Unless we spread our net a bit wider, this company will never get enough business.
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slip through the ˈnet

when somebody/something slips through the net, an organization or a system fails to find them/it and deal with them/it: We tried to contact all former students, but one or two slipped through the net.
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net result

n. the final result after all the assets and liabilities have balanced out. I don’t care about the little things. What is the net result?
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surf the net

tv. to browse through the offerings of the internet. He surfs the net for three hours each evening.
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Overhead Netting: Full canopy overhead nets are a new way to protect a vineyard.
One of the advantages of this type of netting is that the net can be raised at the end of the rows, and a tractor or truck can be driven into the vineyard underneath the canopy.
In addition, the deconsolidation rule contains a netting rule similar to the rule discussed under the LDR and is subject to the ELF cap (i.e., the basis reduction cannot exceed the sum of the EGADs, PINAs and duplicated loss).
Box 2 shows a simple numerical example of a funds transfer netting arrangement involving four participants; it illustrates settlement from the perspective of the clearinghouse.
In multilateral netting arrangements that do not involve banks, each participant's net money position is typically settled through a "settlement bank." When the parties to the arrangement are themselves banks, the settlement bank may be but does not have to be-the central bank.
(5) Global netting generally should be performed only once.
As recommended by the Treasury Department, the new law establishes a net interest rate of zero on equivalent amounts of overpayment and underpayment that exist for any tax and any period.(5) Hence, Treasury's recommendations that interest netting apply only to income taxes and only to situations in which there is at least one "non-zero" balance tax year were not adopted.
We believe that under the laws of the United States and the various states there is a fairly high degree of certainty that netting contracts would be enforced.
The provisions of subtitle A of title VI of H.R.6 are designed to remove any such doubts by providing that, as a matter of federal law, netting provisions of contracts between and among depository institutions, securities brokers and dealers, futures commission merchants, and commodities and securities clearing organizations are valid and binding on the parties.
Reinvoicing goes one step beyond the centralized approach of multilateral netting by way of a clearing center.
The IRS has implemented "netting," however, only in cases where the taxpayer temporarily has underpayments and overpayments with respect to a single tax year -- a procedure referred to as "annual netting." See Rev.
On June 28, 1996, the Institute submitted detailed comments, which not only addressed the unquestionable need for interest netting, but also spelled out precisely how such netting could be accomplished.
The proper scope of a comprehensive netting scheme, however, can and should be much broader than mere offsetting.
The purpose of section 1511(b) was to provide a transition period within which the IRS was to coordinate the interest-rate differential provisions with the offset rules of section 6601(f); after this period, comprehensive netting procedures were to be implemented.
On December 16, 1991, Tax Executives Institute and other taxpayer representatives met with officia Revenue Service to discuss the netting of interest on tax underpayments and overpayments pursuant to Internal Revenue Code.