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nestle down (in something)

to settle down in something; to snuggle into something, such as a bed. They nestled down in their warm bed. Please nestle down and go to sleep.
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nestle (up) against someone or something

 and nestle up (to someone or something)
to lie close to someone or something; to cuddle up to someone or something. The kitten nestled up against its mother. The shivering puppy nestled up to Kathy.
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The beautiful palace nestles among the grand old groves of the park, the park sits in the lap of the picturesque crags and hills, and both look out upon the breezy ocean.
Nestle was founded more than 150 years ago with the development of a breakthrough infant food, and infant nutrition remains central to Nestles strategy for sustainable value creation.
Nestle Nutrition was created in 2006 and has strengthened Nestles global leadership in infant nutrition.
The Nestle Board of Directors has decided to change the organization of the infant nutrition business at Nestle to enhance further the companys ability to win in this high-growth category.
By comparison, in Nestles own words, "Eating food containing transgenic ingredients appears unlikely to cause direct harm to human health.
Consider, also, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a leading consumer group that pops up in Nestles account of the battle to reduce foodborne pathogens.
Nestles distrust of the biotech industry blinds her to the fact that anti-GM activists, too, are a well-organized special interest whose objectives don't always overlap with everyone else's.
1 food company, Nestle is the world leader in coffee (Nescafe) and bottled water (Perrier, Poland Spring).
Among its more than 8,500 products are Alpo dog food; Nestle Crunch, Baby Ruth, and Butterfinger candy bars; Carnation evaporated and condensed milk; Coffee-Mate coffee creamer; breakfast cereals; NesQuik chocolate drink mix; Stouffer's frozen dinners; Ortega Mexican foods; and Toll House morsels.