nestle against

nestle (up) against (someone or something)

To lean or lie against someone or something in a gentle, cuddly manner; to snuggle up to someone or something. The boy went over to the sofa and nestled up against his mother while they watched the movie. I love to nestle against this stuffed animal as I go to sleep at night.
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nestle (up) against someone or something

 and nestle up (to someone or something)
to lie close to someone or something; to cuddle up to someone or something. The kitten nestled up against its mother. The shivering puppy nestled up to Kathy.
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The court was hearing a petition filed by Nestle against Food Safety and Standards Authority of India's June 5 order banning nine variants of Maggi and Maharashtra government's order prohibiting their sale.
Within seven minutes, though, substitute Cieslewicz reduced the arrears, his direct running through the heart of the home defence rounded off by a low shot that evaded Lewis and crept in at the far post and through a gap in the net to nestle against the advertising boards in front of the 500 or so travelling supporters.
The concerted campaign launched by big businesses like Nestle against the move on the grounds of what they called 'being less attractive to corporations and managers' seemed to have rung hollow in the presence of overwhelming 'yes' vote.
Old favourites nestle against new faces and all readers will be bewitched by the power of poetry, laughing out loud and coming back to this book time and again, having discovered a real love for the written work as a poem.
Wallis had the idea for a backward spinning cylinder, which would skip over any protective booms, nestle against the dam wall and roll down until it reached the right depth.
It's testament to the power of sugar to distract even the most eager bagel hunter: piled-high muffins and cookies nestle against the tallest lemon meringue pie I've ever seen, its rough-hewn biscuit base looking tantalisingly home-made.
The need for non-abrasive products that nestle against the polished surfaces of furniture eliminates the use of corrugated paper, cardboard or other materials.
The weathered gray-brown timber bears evidence of its industrial past; the pinecones that nestle against it, taken from the nearby Grunewald forest, perhaps represent the opposite force, the pure potential embodied in their reproductive function.
simply elegant Real pearls nestle against 14K plated gold to create a timeless yet majestic look.
Its buildings nestle against Derry's city walls and is one of Northern Ireland's busiest, diverse arts centres.
The bungalows are part of a Thai-style hotel complex and they nestle against white sands in a private cove, where you can sit on your own balcony just yards away from the Andaman Sea which washes up against Nakaly Bay.
White also deflected a ball from Srinath onto his pads and watched it trickle back to nestle against the base of the stumps without dislodging the bails.
Tudor buildings rub eaves with Georgian ones and medieval cottages nestle against a well-restored yeoman's house.
Designed with the proper cant, it will ride perfectly over the pelvic bone and nestle against the stomach.