nest egg

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nest egg

An allotment of money that is set aside for the future. With the cost of living these days, it is difficult for young couples to build a nest egg and save for retirement.
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a nest egg

COMMON A nest egg is a sum of money that you are saving for a particular purpose. All he wanted was a few months decent money to help him retire. He thought this was his last chance to build a nest egg. She left, and with her nest egg of $5,000, started the company.
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a ˈnest egg

(informal) a sum of money saved for the future: She has a nice little nest egg which she intends to use for travelling round the world one day.A nest egg was an egg left in a nest to encourage a chicken to continue to produce more eggs.
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nest egg

n. money saved for some important purpose, such as retirement. I lost most of my nest egg in the market crash.
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You're always adding more to your principal; therefore, your nest egg can't help but grow.
This transaction reduces Mark's nest egg to $796,870, but it cuts the direct withdrawal period in half.
The study examines the effect of spending beyond sustainable levels and concludes that, depending on the rate of unsustainable spending, the nest egg can be depleted in a number of years.
What's more, according to recent estimates, today's seniors won't need as big a nest egg as subsequent generations.
After the nest egg payment, the 2007/08 surplus will be 8.
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) -- Every child born in Maine will be eligible for a $500 college savings nest egg, thanks to the generosity of a shoe company founder who never attended college himself.
He saved them - and ended up with a pounds 40,000 nest egg which he intended to give his son.
THE GOAL OF RETIREMENT income planning is to convert the client's nest egg into a stream of inflation-adjusted income that will last the client's lifetime.
Steve McCabe (Lab, Hall Green) said credit unions could help to encourage more parents in Birmingham to actively open an account for their children and help build a nest egg for the future.
The new retirement-planning paradigm will hold that both investment risk and life risk can deplete a nest egg.
His leadership and stewardship helped the Association build a nest egg of investments that have enabled TAPPI to better serve the industry over the years.