nest egg

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nest egg

An allotment of money that is set aside for the future. With the cost of living these days, it is difficult for young couples to build a nest egg and save for retirement.
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a nest egg

COMMON A nest egg is a sum of money that you are saving for a particular purpose. All he wanted was a few months decent money to help him retire. He thought this was his last chance to build a nest egg. She left, and with her nest egg of $5,000, started the company.
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a ˈnest egg

(informal) a sum of money saved for the future: She has a nice little nest egg which she intends to use for travelling round the world one day.A nest egg was an egg left in a nest to encourage a chicken to continue to produce more eggs.
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nest egg

n. money saved for some important purpose, such as retirement. I lost most of my nest egg in the market crash.
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Cracking the Nest Egg Co From a national perspective Americans were most likely to cite the cost of covering day-to-day living expenses (55 percent) as the biggest obstacle to starting or building their nest eggs, followed by too little income (48 percent) and too much debt (28 percent).
Edwards Nest Egg Index enjoy strong housing markets and show a high propensity towards saving and investing, particularly in retirement vehicles such as 401(k) or pension plans.
Compiled using a combination of government and consumer survey data, the Nest Egg Score released today is 631 -- down from the previous score of 648 in March -- primarily due to a drop in the nation's personal savings rate, a lower level of home ownership, an increase in household taxes and a more bleak consumer outlook on future savings prospects.
If you'll settle for a leaner lifestyle and you'll need only $25,000 per year from retirement funds and your investment portfolio, a $500,000 nest egg will suffice.
Using PRIZM, the premier consumer lifestyle segmentation research, Nest Egg is distributed only to affluent households identified by zip code.
No matter when the Boxer Bill becomes law, most financial planners advise you to keep a cap on the amount of your retirement nest egg you're tying to your company's fortunes.
So it's quite possible that the widow meant to give away her nest egg, she said.
NEW YORK, May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Investment Dealers' Digest, a leading supplier of financial information to the professional and individual investor communities, announces its new Mutual Fund Center, which made its debut on IDD's Interactive Nest Egg World Wide Web site at the Investment Company Institute's annual membership meeting last week in Washington, D.
children (27 percent) have learned about saving and investing through their schools, according to parents polled in the recent Nest Egg Score Survey commissioned by A.
Schwartz said the widow may have amassed her nest egg in part through family inheritances.
But when it comes to your retirement nest egg and other hefty investments, keeping all your cash in money markets, CDs and bank savings' accounts is just plain risky.
World Wide Web sites are screened by the Nest Egg editorial staff and must provide interesting, tasteful and innovative content to be considered for the list.
LOUIS -- Nest Egg Score Provides a Comprehensive Measure of Household Saving and Investing Behavior; Incorporates a Dozen Factors That Contribute to Americans' Ability to Build Their Nest Eggs
Americans are growing more confident about their retirement, but that may be because they're refusing to face bad news about how big a nest egg they need, says a survey whose sponsors include insurance companies, banks and mutual funds.