nest egg

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nest egg

An allotment of money that is set aside for the future. With the cost of living these days, it is difficult for young couples to build a nest egg and save for retirement.
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a nest egg

COMMON A nest egg is a sum of money that you are saving for a particular purpose. All he wanted was a few months decent money to help him retire. He thought this was his last chance to build a nest egg. She left, and with her nest egg of $5,000, started the company.
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a ˈnest egg

(informal) a sum of money saved for the future: She has a nice little nest egg which she intends to use for travelling round the world one day.A nest egg was an egg left in a nest to encourage a chicken to continue to produce more eggs.
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nest egg

n. money saved for some important purpose, such as retirement. I lost most of my nest egg in the market crash.
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The SPIA insures against longevity risk by converting part of the nest egg into a guaranteed lifetime income stream.
This transaction reduces Mark's nest egg to $796,870, but it cuts the direct withdrawal period in half.
One creative solution would have been to adopt an asset allocation model that divides the money into six investment "buckets." The first bucket would use 28% of the nest egg to buy a single premium immediate annuity that pays a monthly benefit of $2,300 for five years--a guaranteed income stream that can't be touched by market volatility or unchecked spending.
What is the Child Trust FundIt's a long-term savings initiative which aims to provide every child with a nest egg when they reach 18
But the 57-time capped international said he wasted most of the cash except for a pounds 2 million nest egg from his signing-on fee when he joined Italian giants Lazio.
That they also seek to have these salary increases backdated to 1995, giving them yet another nest egg of thousands of pounds, is a kick in the teeth for those who entrusted them with their votes.
One of the biggest problems facing unwary investors is stakeholder pensions cannot be accessed until the age of 50, which means that young people hoping to cash in their parental nest egg face a long wait.
Giving money to charity can be a highly effective way to accumulate a larger tax-sheltered nest egg for a more prosperous retirement and help you transfer more of your assets to your children and other heirs.
Legal eagles have thwarted animal lover Joyce Sharland's dying wish - to leave her pounds 10,000 nest egg to her pet cockatiel Bobby.
While executive pay has fueled a fire of controversy for over a decade, considerably less attention has been paid to the growing nest egg executives will receive upon retirement.
These different investment vehicles place them well on the road to building the type of nest egg necessary for them to retire wealthy.
Ian Linley, sales and marketing director for Fairclough Homes, said: "As all the eggs will be donated to a local hospital, this is a great chance for homebuyers to help a good cause while also ensuring their nest egg goes that little bit further as they move into their new home."
Why not spend the money on something useful like health services or education instead of giving prisoners a nest egg to use when they are released?
The group also reported a rise in the number of people in their 20s saving, with 40 per cent of people claiming they had a nest egg of more than pounds 1,000, while average savings for the age group were pounds 3,787.
And freeing up the market could lead to more people losing their retirement nest egg, the Pension Ombudsman warned.