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We were told, by a shy waiter, nervously smiling and biting his lip, that the dishes we had ordered were not available.
A neatly dressed man who scooped up $640,000 in fresh, plastic-wrapped cash that tumbled out of an armoured car two days ago nervously returned his haul, the FBI said.
elections have been counted and recounted, litigation has reached the highest court in the country, the stock market bounces nervously, and media pundits speculate on the health of the nation.
As empirical evidence and theoretical coherence multiplied on the Copernicans, some high ecclesiastics not only winked, but unsuccessfully tried to reassure the faithful: upon receiving a Copernican armillary sphere from the cardinal-president of the Congregation of the Index in the early eighteenth century, the Bolognese Academy of Sciences nervously commissioned Ptolemaic and Tychonic counterparts for it.
Freed from the fears and competitions that had for centuries kept them nervously looking over their shoulders, the West Europeans and East Asians were able to cooperate politically and economically, creating the unprecedentedly prosperous and stable international order that the advanced industrialized states enjoy today.
As Juhani Pallasmaa has observed - 'Architecture is nervously seeking its self definition and autonomy in the embrace of the culture of consumption, which turns it into a commodity and entertainment'.
On December 14, 1995, Getty sat nervously in a San Francisco hospital as purified baboon bone marrow cells dripped into one of his veins.
About 6 months into a pregnancy, some anxious parents-to-be stash a suitcase at the front door and nervously wait day and night for that moment when the mother's labor starts and the mad rush to the hospital begins.
In the wake of Bill Clinton's announcement that he intends to lift the ban on gays in the military, the pundits sat there with their legs crossed real tight, hands protecting their crotches, and tittered nervously as they defined all gay people exclusively by their sexuality.
Summary: Pakistan secured their first Test win against Australia in 15 years after they nervously secured the 40 runs they needed at Headingley.
Hooligan A few locals coughed nervously, but did nothing.
I get so nervous speaking from my heart and always want a script because I feel more comfortable as an actress than as myself,'' Longoria nervously admitted.
Steve coppell: "We started nervously and looked anxious.
It's only 10 past 4 On a Friday afternoon My feet are twitching nervously As I'll be escaping very soon This day has dragged on a lifetime I've hardly done a thing A few clicks on my computer And an occasional telephone ring I'm sure that clock has stopped As its stares at me in delight Hurry up and tick Because I want to get home tonight So I decided to write this poem To stimulate my brain To kill a bit of time And keep me from going insane