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Sara Ray also managed to get through respectably, although she was pitiably nervous. Her bow was naught but a short nod--"as if her head worked on wires," whispered Felicity uncharitably--and the wave of her lily-white hand more nearly resembled an agonized jerk than a wave.
"Well, well," said the resident patient, in a nervous fashion, "of course it is hard to say that.
"He was morbidly nervous of fire, and always kept this beside him, so that he might escape by the window in case the stairs were burning."
"Old woman; full feeder; nervous subject; palpitation of the heart; pressure on the brain; apoplexy; off she goes.
It was a nervous moment, and Rebecca's heart beat quick as she recognized the carriage; and as the two vehicles crossed each other in a line, she clasped her hands, and looked towards the spinster with a face of agonized attachment and devotion.
Then Billina gave several loud "cluck-clucks" that seemed to make the fat little King MORE nervous than ever, and marched through the entrance into the enchanted palace.
The worst and most tiresome part of his character, what made all relations with him so difficult, had been forgotten by Konstantin Levin when he thought of him, and now, when he saw his face, and especially that nervous twitching of his head, he remembered it all.
ENPNewswire-August 22, 2019--Virgin Australia introduces programme for nervous flyers
Kim Chiu nervous for upcoming face-off with Julia Barretto !-- -- Jan Milo Severo ( - August 19, 2019 - 11:54am MANILA, Philippines Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu was nervous to face-off with Julia Barretto.
M2 PRESSWIRE-July 26, 2019-: Global Central Nervous System Drugs Market Report 2019
Gut bacteria play an important role in protecting the brain and nervous system from harmful viruses, according to a study.
Claire Jacob at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and at the Swiss University of Fribourg investigated the details of this repair process and have demonstrated that the same mechanism could be activated in cells of the central nervous system after a spinal cord injury, for instance.
And despite playing in an FA Cup Final he was in the Hammers side beaten by Liverpool in Cardiff in 2006 and winning two caps for England, he insists he has never been more nervous ahead of a sporting event.
Summary: Washington DC, [USA] Oct 22 (ANI): A latest study has given an insight into how animal nervous systems evolved from simple structures to become the complex network transmitting signals between different parts of the body.
Edward Barber was pleasantly surprised to learn Maymay Entrata remembered scenes from 'First Love' in which he felt nervous.