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and nurd (nɚd)
n. a dull and bookish person, usually a male. That whole gang of boys is just a bunch of nurds.

nerd magnet

n. a girl or woman who attracts dull males. Sally is weary of dating total drips. She is a classic nerd magnet.
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nerd mobile

n. a full-sized, uninteresting car; a family car. My father always buys some kind of stupid nerd mobile.
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nerd pack

n. a plastic sheath for holding pens in a pocket, protecting the cloth from ink. (This is the classic symbol of a bookish nerd.) A real nerd wears a nerd pack in the pocket of a dirty shirt.
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n. a technically oriented, dull person, typically a male computer enthusiast. My brother, who is a tech-nerd, spends more than ten hours a day on his computer.
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Launched in 2008, Nerdy Fresh is a contemporary urban brand for the savvy millenials.
He said: "With the success of things like The Big Bang Theory, there's never been a better time for nerdy shirts really.
The argument that her child should be allowed to wander freely because he isn't one of the "odd little nerdy ones" is very telling.
I tell the story and we all laugh at that nerdy, gay 16-year-old crying in his pillow.
The eminently readable book mainly concerns the computational adventures of young savant Jon Finkel, aka Stinkel, aka Finkeltron, aka Jonny Magic, whose odyssey from nerdy outcast to smooth, successful card pro can be read as a metaphor for the rise of the entire gaming craze.
Bet Direct have opened an outright market without hot favourite Anthony, making Makosi their 13-8 jolly with nerdy Eugene next best.
But has he met his match in nerdy accountant Albert (Kevin James)?
95) presents the third in the 'Shredderman' series about a nerdy eleven-year-old who is an online superhero at night, exposing villains on the Internet.
But where the nerdy, grizzled BJM grab hipsters' attention with their riotous, self-destructive live performances, the cuter, more professional DW draw a slightly more middle-of-the-road college crowd who think they smell the next Matchbox Twenty.
Apparently, the digital pen is designed for use in the administrative and financial business sectors and, I'm sure, will prove absolutely invaluable for those nerdy, mathematical types.
Mild mannered Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) is a nerdy hacker who stumbles through the looking glass of his desktop to discover that his world is a virtual game being played by an evil network--the Matrix--that has enslaved all humanity.
Here Anthony, a bespectacled, rich, nerdy bachelor, complete with an ambitious, classy girlfriend, advertises for a manservant and hires the immaculately mannered Prentice.
This can't be the same shy, sorta nerdy Shawn from last year, can it?
THE band is basically two slightly nerdy guys with a pair of decks, but Basement Jaxx put on quite a performance.
Marketing consultant Jack Trout calls the softer, gentler Bill Gates a "spin city" makeover designed to "soften his arrogant, nerdy image, to make Gates more user-friendly.