neither hide nor hair

neither hide nor hair

No trace or evidence of someone or something. I don't know where Mike went. I've seen neither hide nor hair of him all day.
See also: hair, hide, neither, nor

hide nor hair, neither

Also, hide or hair. No trace of something lost or missing. For example, I haven't seen hide nor hair of the children. This expression alludes to the entire outer coat of an animal. [Mid-1800s]
See also: hide, neither, nor

neither hide nor hair of someone

not the slightest trace of someone.
See also: hair, hide, neither, nor, of, someone
References in classic literature ?
They left their horses, loaded and tied, and just disappeared off the face of the earth, leaving neither hide nor hair behind them.
There is neither hide nor hair of an issue of even remote interest to broadcasters.
But, funny enough, in five years we saw neither hide nor hair of them.
I've seen neither hide nor hair of them for four weeks.
We were promised we would be told the results of the investigation and we have heard neither hide nor hair," Johnson said.
Chicago's WBBM Channel 2 ran the story on May 14, and an APB was put out for Bear, but for three days neither hide nor hair was seen of him.
Though we saw neither hide nor hair of Chuck Dinkins or Fred Reeves, we ran into plenty of others including the one-time-egg-plant-challenged Donnie Griffin (now a father and mortgage broker), freestyle sensation Reggie Barnes (owner of Eastern Distribution), formerly sha-danked Ray Underhill (Eastern employee) and, most exciting, Atlanta's Tommy Kay (mustached Trashmore fan in Future Primitive who reminds his mother to "Keep the dead raccoon out of my truck, please
One of the few forces which failed to arrest Steve was Yorkshire, in spite of the best efforts of the impressively-named Chief Inspector (Acting) Tadeusz Nowakowski, the Morse of the North, who saw neither hide nor hair of him.