neither does

neither does someone

[does] not either. Susan does not own a cat, and neither does Mary. Bill doesn't want to see a movie tonight, and neither do I.
See also: does, neither
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Just as promises cannot alone inaugurate a marriage, neither does sexual intercourse alone.
Neither does the other half of the nation's support for George Bush.
He doesn't want to be a tacky politician, but neither does he want to deprive himself of the tools that tacky (which is to say, successful) politicians exploit.
Neither does his boss, Robert McTeer, president of the Dallas Fed (see TIE's interview with McTeer on page 32).
While the EPA's solution, ethanol, does not get wholehearted endorsement from toxicologists, neither does the use of oxygenated fuels.
Nowhere does he suggest that we can hope for a world without war, but neither does he succumb to fatalism.