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in the neighborhood of (some amount)

Approximately some amount; close to some amount. We're going to have to spend in the neighborhood of $20,000 for this renovation.
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in the neighbourhood of

(of a number or an amount) approximately; not exactly: It cost in the neighbourhood of £500.
See also: neighbourhood, of
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Children are at a greater risk of being overweight or obese, if they live in neighbourhoods with
The percentage of over-weight children ranged from 24% in areas with high socioeconomic status to 35% in low income neighbourhoods.
The article reports that fewer children in low socio-economic neighbourhoods tended to participate in organized physical activities than children in higher socio-economic neighbourhoods.
Tesco became the leading retailer in the neighbourhood in 2006, leaving the Co-op Group in second place, followed by Musgrave and Spar in joint third.
Benchmark retailer performance against the market Identify the growth prospects of key players in neighbourhood retailing Analyse the key strategic issues and probable retailer responses
The immediate neighbourhood in which you live contributes considerably to your personal health - mentally, emotionally, and physically.
The research formed the basis of a 'blueprint' for a healthy neighbourhood created at the Summit by a panel of experts in healthcare, ageing, environment and environmental psychology.
Notes to Editors: Pfizer Healthy Neighbourhood Awards 2003 and Key Survey Results
The Healthy Neighbourhood research builds on the Pfizer Healthy Ageing Survey, presented at the "Silver Summit" in Rome last October, which revealed that Europe's over-55 population felt isolated, abandoned and undervalued, and that Europe needed to manage demographic change in a more inclusive way.
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