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beggar thy neighbor

Referring to an economic policy that seeks to improve domestic economic conditions at the expense of other countries. Hyphenated if used as a modifier before a noun. Yes, but putting these high tariffs on imports would only address our country's economic depression in a beggar-thy-neighbor sort of way.
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next-door neighbor

A person who lives or works in the accommodation immediately adjacent to one. My next-door neighbor offered to look after my pets while I'm away. We have new next-door neighbors in our office building. I think they said they're doing financial consulting work for small businesses.
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And for a home to be truly classified as good, it has to be surrounded by decent neighbours.
However, the infuriated neighbour called her other sisters and they started beating Saima as a result of which she fell unconscious.
Nearly one in ten Wolverhampton residents use a WhatsApp group to speak to their street, while the people of Cambridge keep it traditional, with just over half of them preferring to speak directly to their neighbour.
Jenny Freeland Myself and my neighbours get on great.
A neighbour told the court: "He goes on and on, bangs in the kitchen and shouts out of the window."
If you live in Edmonton, first try discussing your concern about noise with your neighbour. If that does not resolve the situation, you can then contact the City to address the problem.
Ruth is also seen going shopping every day for one particular neighbour as well as making her drinks and hanging up her washing.
The research revealed Brits won't necessarily be shy when dealing with nightmare neighbours. Almost a third (28 per cent) say they would have words with their neighbour immediately.
"What began as an initiative by a young family with a desire to know their neighbours better has transformed the atmosphere of their neighbourhood," Trish Wilkinson told the Cyprus Mail.
Here are some of the more common problems people face with their neighbours: QMY neighbour's tree has branches that overhang into my garden.
A good neighbour is one who guarantees comfort, security and safety.
The study revealed that over ten million people have had a neighbour problem in the last year, the BBC reports.
If talking amicably with your neighbour about the problem doesn't work, then contact your local authority".
Eight out of 10 older people stop and speak to their neighbour at least once a week and 19 per cent chat daily.
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