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Good fences make good neighbors.

Prov. It is easier to be friendly with your neighbor if neither of you trespasses upon the other's property or privacy. Jane: The guy next door is letting his party guests wander across our lawn again. Alan: I guess we'll have to build a fence there. Good fences make good neighbors, like they say.
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neighbor on something

to be directly adjacent to something. Our house neighbors on a park. The park neighbors on a stretch of beach.
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one's next-door neighbor

the person living in the house or apartment closest to one's own. My next-door neighbor came over to borrow a shovel. I will be visiting our next-door neighbor if you need me.
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I think that in Azerbaijan we managed to establish such a partnership with all our neighbors, except Armenia, which continues to occupy almost 20 percent of our territory," he said.
Some of these people are highly sensitive in nature and believe that their neighbors are out to hurt them.
More than $200 was raised from neighbors to buy 40 red bows for the tree.
We are working with our neighbors to confront the threat of violent gangs that constitute an urgent threat to our common security.
Gathering gas cans from his neighbors, Jerry went to his boat that he had safely stored in a nearby marina, and siphoned about 100 gallons of gas from the boat into the gas cans.
In crowded conditions, neighbors recognized the necessity for similar standards of conduct along each street or block.
East Coast song sparrows don't share full songs with neighbors but can match elements (spectrogram is inset).
At the end of his story, Jesus essentially asks the lawyer, What is it to be a neighbor to the one in need?
The general public, for its part, might find itself convinced that the senior living "house of rumors" is actually a helpful, productive neighbor.
Consequently, particles which have moved into 21' will end up assigned to 21 which is where the formula for nearest neighbors expects to find them.
People dealing with noise problems should write letters and get their neighbors involved to demonstrate to the board that the matter is serious and needs to be resolved amicably rather than letting it escalate into a full-blown war.
The Japanese public's supposed allegiance to familiar neighborhood shops was gratifying, but mom and pop weren't willing to rely just on the kindness of neighbors.
Nancy Stokes, before purchasing a home in DeKalb County with her husband, Lane, in 1993, says she obtained written permission from the local homeowners association and verbal permission from several neighbors to start a studio.
Sometimes the best way to change your neighbors is to become just like them.