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Good fences make good neighbors.

Prov. It is easier to be friendly with your neighbor if neither of you trespasses upon the other's property or privacy. Jane: The guy next door is letting his party guests wander across our lawn again. Alan: I guess we'll have to build a fence there. Good fences make good neighbors, like they say.
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neighbor on something

to be directly adjacent to something. Our house neighbors on a park. The park neighbors on a stretch of beach.
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one's next-door neighbor

the person living in the house or apartment closest to one's own. My next-door neighbor came over to borrow a shovel. I will be visiting our next-door neighbor if you need me.
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Its purpose is to create the list of neighboring cells for the topmost layer of cells, taking into account the movement of the cells with respect to each other due to shear.
To complete the force calculation on particles in cells at the interface between processors, each processor needs to know information about the particles in the adjacent cells, which now will be found on a neighboring processor.
Neighbors on Thursday dug up two 55-gallon drums buried at the neighboring property that Smith & Thompson occupied until about 18 months ago.
5 million elementary school on four acres in Van Nuys will ease crowding at four neighboring schools.
Neighboring homeowners, however, question the accuracy of the crime statistics the city's planning commission reviewed for the project.
Cal State Northridge is for the students and not for you, and should not always yield to a neighboring community that is constantly trying to hold back the development and betterment of an accredited university.
PHOTO (1--color in Conejo edition only) Farm workers tend to crops on a field neighboring a housing development in Camarillo.
This newspaper has clearly documented that the tax rates within Los Angeles significantly exceed those of its neighboring communities.
Because of the firepower of the weapons involved, neighboring homes were evacuated during the incident.
Richard Wrangham, a Harvard professor who studies chimpanzees in Uganda, said that because of the animals' ferocious territorial behavior, extra-group couplings might actually have a practical benefit: A female that has such a tryst creates the possibility that her offspring may be related to a neighboring male.
Another resident in the same community is in court trying to derail a neighboring homeowner's steam locomotive and 500 feet of track.
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