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in the neighborhood of (some amount)

Approximately some amount; close to some amount. We're going to have to spend in the neighborhood of $20,000 for this renovation.
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(somewhere) in the neighborhood of something

Fig. approximately a particular amount or measurement. I take somewhere in the neighborhood of ten pills a day for my various ailments. My rent is in the neighborhood of $700 per month.
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in the neighborhood of

Also, in the region of. Approximately, about, as in They paid in the neighborhood of a million dollars, or I don't know exactly what the exchange rate is-somewhere in the region of 95 yen to the dollar . The first expression dates from the mid-1800s, the variant from the mid-1900s.
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Many dismal tales were told about funeral trains, and mourning cries and wailings heard and seen about the great tree where the unfortunate Major Andre was taken, and which stood in the neighborhood.
In the centre of the road stood an enormous tulip-tree, which towered like a giant above all the other trees of the neighborhood, and formed a kind of landmark.
It is true, an old farmer, who had been down to New York on a visit several years after, and from whom this account of the ghostly adventure was received, brought home the intelligence that Ichabod Crane was still alive; that he had left the neighborhood partly through fear of the goblin and Hans Van Ripper, and partly in mortification at having been suddenly dismissed by the heiress; that he had changed his quarters to a distant part of the country; had kept school and studied law at the same time; had been admitted to the bar; turned politician; electioneered; written for the newspapers; and finally had been made a justice of the ten pound court.
The old country wives, however, who are the best judges of these matters, maintain to this day that Ichabod was spirited away by supernatural means; and it is a favorite story often told about the neighborhood round the winter evening fire.
These precautions were, at that time, peculiarly necessary, from the bands of Blackfeet Indians which were roving about the neighborhood.
All now that remained was to ascertain the precise spot where the treasure lay buried, for otherwise he might dig at random in the neighborhood of the crosses, without coming upon the spoils, and he had already had enough of such profitless labor.
The circumstances unfolded to him awakened all his cupidity; he had not a doubt of money being buried somewhere in the neighborhood of the mysterious crosses, and offered to join Wolfert in the search.
His wife and daughter saw the dismal pageant from a distance, and alarmed the neighborhood with their cries; they thought the poor man had suddenly settled the great debt of nature in one of his wayward moods.
For my part, I incline to the latter opinion, and make no doubt that great sums lie buried, both there and in other parts of this island and its neighborhood, ever since the times of the buccaneers and the Dutch colonists; and I would earnestly recommend the search after them to such of my fellow citizens as are not engaged in any other speculations.
Not an old wife of the neighborhood but abandoned her work to crowd to the mansion of Wolfert Webber, to inquire after his health and the particulars of his story.
In this Economic Commentary we investigate how different characteristics might be used to characterize neighborhood environments, and how these characteristics relate to neighborhood poverty.
Swett points to the paradoxical consequences of local cultures of radicalism which "fostered strategies that, though the intention was to reestablish neighborhood power hierarchies, served to undermine community cohesiveness and ultimately eroded any chance for democratic stability" (p.
Surprisingly, Frug did not see the rise of the private neighborhood association as a promising step in his plan.
The neighborhood will have an outdoor swimming pool and cabana with indoor showers, as well as a tot lot for children to play while residents mingle with neighbors as they soak up the sun.
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