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beggar thy neighbor

Referring to an economic policy that seeks to improve domestic economic conditions at the expense of other countries. Hyphenated if used as a modifier before a noun. Yes, but putting these high tariffs on imports would only address our country's economic depression in a beggar-thy-neighbor sort of way.
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Good fences make good neighbors.

proverb Neighbors are best able to maintain positive relationships when they don't intrude upon or harm each other's land. Fences, for instance, would contain one's livestock to one's own land. The proverb was popularized by Robert Frost's 1914 poem, "Mending Wall." A: "I don't love the idea of having a fence between our properties." B: "Yeah, but you know what they say—good fences make good neighbors."
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neighbor on

To lie or exist immediately adjacent to something else. The two countries both neighbor on a piece of land they both claim as their own, which has been the source of constant warfare and skirmishes over the years. It's a beautiful house, but once we found out it neighbored on a municipal dump, the extremely low price made sense.
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next-door neighbor

A person who lives or works in the accommodation immediately adjacent to one. My next-door neighbor offered to look after my pets while I'm away. We have new next-door neighbors in our office building. I think they said they're doing financial consulting work for small businesses.
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Good fences make good neighbors.

Prov. It is easier to be friendly with your neighbor if neither of you trespasses upon the other's property or privacy. Jane: The guy next door is letting his party guests wander across our lawn again. Alan: I guess we'll have to build a fence there. Good fences make good neighbors, like they say.
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neighbor on something

to be directly adjacent to something. Our house neighbors on a park. The park neighbors on a stretch of beach.
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one's next-door neighbor

the person living in the house or apartment closest to one's own. My next-door neighbor came over to borrow a shovel. I will be visiting our next-door neighbor if you need me.
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