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neighbor on

To lie or exist immediately adjacent to something else. The two countries both neighbor on a piece of land they both claim as their own, which has been the source of constant warfare and skirmishes over the years. It's a beautiful house, but once we found out it neighbored on a municipal dump, the extremely low price made sense.
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next-door neighbor

A person who lives or works in the accommodation immediately adjacent to one. My next-door neighbor offered to look after my pets while I'm away. We have new next-door neighbors in our office building. I think they said they're doing financial consulting work for small businesses.
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Good fences make good neighbors.

Neighbors are best able to maintain positive relationships when they don't intrude upon or harm each other's land. Fences, for instance, would contain one's livestock to one's own land. The proverb was popularized by Robert Frost's 1914 poem, "Mending Wall." A: "I don't love the idea of having a fence between our properties." B: "Yeah, but you know what they say—good fences make good neighbors."
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Good fences make good neighbors.

Prov. It is easier to be friendly with your neighbor if neither of you trespasses upon the other's property or privacy. Jane: The guy next door is letting his party guests wander across our lawn again. Alan: I guess we'll have to build a fence there. Good fences make good neighbors, like they say.
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neighbor on something

to be directly adjacent to something. Our house neighbors on a park. The park neighbors on a stretch of beach.
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one's next-door neighbor

the person living in the house or apartment closest to one's own. My next-door neighbor came over to borrow a shovel. I will be visiting our next-door neighbor if you need me.
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A Muslim "likes for his neighbor what he likes for himself," in line with the teaching of the Prophet: "None of you truly believes until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself.
New neighbors who have never spent a Christmas on Rhodes began knocking on the Riveras' door, curious about that huge tree in their front yard with all the lights and the star on it year round.
It is a pact to work together in solidarity with our neighbors to make things better for the poorest among us so that things can be better for all of us.
The Sheltons had not originally planned to ride out the storm, but they became so engrossed in being good neighbors that they ran out of time to evacuate.
Involving men in formerly predominantly female neighborhood disputes could create differences in opinion over who made a good neighbor.
Yet when the song sparrows in these early tests responded to recordings of their rivals next door, 85 percent of the time they sang a different song, but one that the neighbor also knew.
Paul cautions the Colossians against pointless (and superstitious) self-indulgent practices that focus more on the self than on the Holy One and the commands to love the neighbor.
Carriage Club of Naperville (currently under design by Legat Architects) is a good example of inviting neighbors in.
For each cell, one-half of the nearest neighbor cells are given by
This can cause immediate complaints from downstairs neighbors who have been accustomed to limited intrusions and now hear every activity from above, including walking, talking, television, music and playing by pets mad children.
The Japanese public's supposed allegiance to familiar neighborhood shops was gratifying, but mom and pop weren't willing to rely just on the kindness of neighbors.
Neighbor to Neighbor currently includes 55 foster parents and 208 children.
The only thing I think people can do is maybe go to every neighbor and ask, "Is this going to be a problem?
My niece paid wonderful attention in school, but still came away thinking that a neighbor is the person next door.
One may "covet" or "wish to have" a Lamborghini or a house or whatever like that owned by one's neighbor, but "wishing to have" or "coveting" does not include taking steps to deprive that neighbor of possessions.