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negotiate (with someone or something) (over someone or something)

 and negotiate (with someone or something) (about someone or something)
to bargain with someone or a group about someone or something. We decided to negotiate with them over the terms of the contract. We want to negotiate with them about the cost of the goods. They refused to negotiate with our purchasing agent.
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In order to make the information in the book more useful to the reader, the book is written in the sequence of people dealt with while negotiating a real estate transaction.
Realistically, when negotiating with a member of law enforcement, responders must assume that the in-crisis officer is armed, making suicide or suicide-by-cop possible.
According to economist Edward Graham, industrialized country officials chose the OECD as the negotiating forum because its members were "like-minded on investment policies and already had put in place relatively liberal investment regimes.
The LOM's live negotiating technology will provide one of the most powerful modern-day alternatives to the current auction system, which pervades the Internet today.
Combining the pre-planning expertise and management skills of project managers with the market knowledge and negotiating savvy of corporate real estate advisors generates efficiency, continuity, and accountability.
I am proud that members across the country in all of our branches voted by wide margins to ratify the great work that was done by our negotiating team,'' she said.
These goals and expectations need to be accurately evaluated in order to avoid the desperation inherent in negotiating merely to survive.
Concurrently, the Company is in the process of determining a launch date for the advanced beta version of its revolutionary live negotiating technology.
A "captive tenant" has virtually no negotiating leverage, since it has foregone the flexibility to shift gears and move elsewhere.
Almost all (candidates) call up the president before them and say, 'I'm going to run,' or 'Do you mind if I run, tell me what's going on, show me the ropes,' '' said Ryan, a former SAG board member and negotiating team member.
Before negotiating, executives certainly should consider potential gains or losses in financial, marketing, and other areas.
PINK SHEETS:LOMJ), is pleased to announce that it is already receiving a growing interest in its private label business opportunities for its live negotiating technology.
In former real estate cycles, a broker's negotiating skills were of paramount importance in office leasing transactions.
Pink Sheets: LOMJ), is pleased to announce that it is currently planning to launch an advanced beta version of its pioneering live negotiating technology in the very near future.
In some cases, the tenant representative's only experience in negotiating lease transactions had occurred where the tenants controlled the market and transactions were easily accomplished.
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