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negotiate (with someone or something) (over someone or something)

 and negotiate (with someone or something) (about someone or something)
to bargain with someone or a group about someone or something. We decided to negotiate with them over the terms of the contract. We want to negotiate with them about the cost of the goods. They refused to negotiate with our purchasing agent.
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ITEM: The Oregonian for November 28 called for Congress to authorize Medicare "to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for lower medicine prices.
This 60-minute lecture describes some basics of what you need to know about yourself to successfully negotiate your next contract.
Policymakers tried again to negotiate an international investment agreement at the United Nations.
In conjunction, the Federal Interagency Task Force on Fair Lending has also published in brochure form the Spanish-language version of Looking for the Best Mortgage: Shop, Compare, Negotiate (Buscando la hipoteca mas favorable: Compare, Verifique, Negocie).
Increasingly, this is placing long-term care (LTC) providers in the position of having to negotiate with a different kind of purchaser, within different kinds of systems - for the same patients they used to admit on a private pay or voucher basis: all in all, a rather frightening prospect to most.
The Company's registered users can find and immediately negotiate on what they want with ease, as live negotiating technology enables the buyer to negotiate with several vendors in real-time, at the same time, for the best possible price.
Negotiate and review contract proposals for member services that are submitted by payers, including insurance companies and health plans
Other key contract changes include coverage of stunt performers and coordinators by union contracts on all prime-time dramatic programs on all six broadcast networks and beginning next year, SAG and AFTRA gain the right to negotiate jointly with the AMPTP on all terms and conditions for all prime-time dramatic television programming.
Outside the futures exchanges, enormous markets have developed in which banks, corporations, and other institutions privately negotiate customized derivatives contracts, the vast majority of which are based on interest rates or exchange rates.
To be prepared to negotiate the best possible deal with a managed care organization (MCO), a nursing home must coolly assess its market, itself and the MCO.
Taking Internet auctions to the next level, LOM Logistics will give its users the power to negotiate factors such as price, quantity and payment method until the sale is FINAL, giving both buyers and sellers control over their online marketplace procedures while ensuring that all transactions are completed to total user satisfaction.
As shown by interactive scenario 4 in figure 2, executives should use a focused subordinative strategy (S2) to induce the other party to negotiate.
s 1,500 field workers voted for an internal union in June, they hoped to quickly negotiate improvements to their hourly wages and working conditions.
For the first time ever, you can negotiate with multiple users at the same time and no one knows what you are negotiating