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neglect to (do something)

1. To leave some action or obligation undone or uncompleted. Tom, you neglected to fill in these sections in the application. Please don't neglect to cash that check today.
2. To omit to complete some expected or required duty. We were wondering why you neglected to inform the board of your decision. A: "Didn't she tell you she was leaving?" B: "No, she neglected to share that information with me."
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neglect to do something

to fail to do something. I hope you do not neglect to lock the door. He neglected to water the plants.
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Neglecters were primarily affected by the costs and the efficacy of their responses, and voicers were very difficult to predict.
We expected that loyalists would demonstrate their loyalty by staying away from work less and that neglecters would have lower performance ratings.
In the public child welfare system, for example, social workers are called upon to label as "abusers and neglecters" many impoverished parents experiencing a wide variety of child welfare difficulties, thereby setting them up for coercive and punitive treatment.
Previous research that focused on the attraction-investment approach found only minor differences in predicting "Loyalists" and "Neglecters" (Withey and Cooper 1989).
Neglecters may become "dead weight" for a declining hospital: a liability rather than the asset Loyalists may be.
Social workers and policy-makers viewed African-Americans as inheriting a "culture of poverty." The "benign neglecters" among them labeled the motherhood of black women as natural.