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neglect to (do something)

1. To leave some action or obligation undone or uncompleted. Tom, you neglected to fill in these sections in the application. Please don't neglect to cash that check today.
2. To omit to complete some expected or required duty. We were wondering why you neglected to inform the board of your decision. A: "Didn't she tell you she was leaving?" B: "No, she neglected to share that information with me."
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neglect to do something

to fail to do something. I hope you do not neglect to lock the door. He neglected to water the plants.
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I'm afraid I have neglected him sadly, but I thought I was right, and he never said anything."
It's only an experiment, John, and I want to try it for your sake as much as for mine, because I've neglected you shamefully lately, and I'm going to make home what it used to be, if I can.
There hung all his great works, rejected by the Royal Academy, and neglected by the patrons of Art; and there, nevertheless, was he, blithely plying the brush; not rich, it is true, but certainly never without money enough in his pocket for the supply of all his modest wants.
Give them a picture with a good large ruin, fancy trees, prancing nymphs, and a watery sky; dirty it down dexterously to the right pitch; put it in an old frame; call it a Claude; and the sphere of the Old Master is enlarged, the collector is delighted, the picture-dealer is enriched, and the neglected modern artist claps a joyful hand on a well-filled pocket.
There is no branch of detective science which is so important and so much neglected as the art of tracing footsteps.
"Having left the house, I proceeded to do what Gregson had neglected. I telegraphed to the head of the police at Cleveland, limiting my enquiry to the circumstances connected with the marriage of Enoch Drebber.
With clear evidence about the long-term impact of child abuse and neglect across the lifespan, we can clearly state that the reality of child abuse and neglect affects all of Lane County in very real ways, every day.
Crimestoppers has launched a campaign to ask teenagers to report if they think their friends are experiencing harm or neglect.
HM Government (2015:93) describes child neglect as the persistent failure to meet physical and psychological needs, including:
Anyone with concerns can give information 100 per cent anonymously via the website Lyndsay McDade, Fearless Scotland senior youth projects officer, said: "Friends are vital in spotting the signs of harm and neglect amongst their peers, but often don't know what to do to support them or, just don't feel they can get involved.
A list of 21 key signs of child neglect has been published to help the public keep an eye out for vulnerable kids.
ANSPCC helpline manager Sandra Robinson says: "Neglect is the ongoing failure to meet a child's basic needs and is the most common form of child abuse in the UK.
In its one-page order, the seven-judge panel reversed lower court decisions that the father, Celso Romero, had failed to prove that his now 20-year-old son would face continued maternal neglect if sent back to Guatemala and thus the child could not apply for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status protection under U.S.
Abu Dhabi: Despite the many incidents of child deaths and injuries due to falling from windows and balconies of high-rise apartments, legal experts in the capital have said that parental neglect is not a common phenomenon [in the UAE].