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A "one option" approach cannot work for children with diverse needs; a variety of service delivery options must exist so that programs can be written to meet the needs of each child.
Responding to these forces, top management and directors must work together to ensure that their organizations have the risk management and control resources they need to meet heightened scrutiny of their risk assurance procedures.
We've developed great relationships with suppliers we can trust to do quality work and understand what our internal customers need and how to tailor their approach and reports to those needs," Willenbrock explains.
We need a new model for structuring relations between physicians and hospitals.
Determining the needs of the customer, in order of perceived priority to them
Guneri, Aydin and Skovholt (2003) in their study to assess and compare the counseling needs of several subgroups of students at large urban university (Middle East Technical University) in Turkey, on one hand and also to investigate the perspectives of the counseling staff about counseling needs of the staff about counseling needs of the students and counseling services model which was put in practice in 1997, found that "managing my time (60%)" was rated highest in the list of students needs.
This plan is a guide to ensure that every veteran has equal access to care, and that all their individual needs are addressed.
There is a large amount of interaction as well as effort needed to contact individuals in order to communicate about student needs.
It's not uncommon for an SMB to go for months without a successful backup, and they don't realize it until they need to get that data back--and they can't.
There is no doubt that third-party insurance, new equipment, materials and techniques are transforming the practice of dentistry, but so too is the need to provide care to increasing numbers of individuals with special needs.
If individuals are to be able to find the information they need, to understand this information and relate it to their personal needs, and then to convert it into personal action, many will need some form of personal support, including counseling.
Only when these needs are met should other forms of protection be included.
The intensity of students' needs has led some to question whether school counseling programs are actually comprehensively meeting the needs of all students (Green & Keys, 2001; Whiston, 2002).
I'm going to talk just a little bit about some vectors I think we need to keep in mind for the future, sort of strategic level goals we need to keep in mind to get our Air Force where it needs to be.
OTTAWA -- Canadians with disabilities have unmet needs for aids and devices mainly because of the high cost of those aids and persons with severe disabilities are affected the most by prohibitive costs says a report prepared by the Canadian Council on Social Development.