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Then they will need a market-place, and a money-token for purposes of exchange.
Well, he is, so you need n't laugh, for we 've made all our plans," said Maud with comical dignity as she tried the effect of an old white bonnet, wondering if farmers' wives could wear ostrich feathers when they went to meeting.
Maud gave an incredulous sniff, and wondered why "big girls need to be so dreadful mysterious about their old secrets."
"I shall order you destroyed in a few minutes, so you will have no need to ruin our pretty melon vines and berry bushes.
Simpson, and the Simpson family; their poverty, their joyless life, and their abject need of a banquet lamp to brighten their existence.
Oh, the weary Road!' Kim felt that he too needed rest.
The Sahibs will be given food as they need it - nor will the people ask money.
'Even now I had planned desirable things in my heart which' - there is no need to go through the compliments proper to these occasions.
'I think nothing,' said Kim, 'but that I am grieved to go, for I am very weary; and that we need food.
'These cattle' - she did not condescend to look at them - 'are thine for so long as thou shalt need.'
'I do not need anything,' said Kim, angered where he should have been grateful.
The GWE has generally been limited to individuals who receive governmental payments to help them with their individual needs (e.g., housing, education and basic sustenance).
A new model needs to be based on partnership between physicians and hospitals.
The requirements community is best able to articulate warfighter needs, but they may have difficulty translating those needs into specific functional requirements.
Over the years, the importance of periodically assessing the identifiable needs of students before undertaking, designing and delivering effective counseling services and programs is well established (Bishop, Bauer & Becker, 1998; Gallagher, 1992; Morrill, Oetting, & Hurst, 1974, as cited in Gallagher, Golin & Kelleher, 1992).