needle about

needle (one) about (something)

To criticize, goad, or provoke someone about some issue or topic in a persistent, irritating manner, especially with petty insults or jabs. He's always needling me about my sales performance, rubbing my face in the fact that he's selling twice as many units as me on average. Everyone took great fun in needling Jonathan for dating such a nerdy guy, but I could see that the jibes really hurt his feelings.
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needle someone about someone or something

to pester or bother someone about someone or something. Please don't needle me about Jane. Stop needling me about eating out.
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The feedback control algorithm will steer the needle into the opposite direction when needle deflection exceeds a set threshold by simply turning the needle about its longitudinal axis by 180[degrees].
A second type of experiment was performed to study the corrective effect of turning the needle about 180[degrees] when a certain estimated deflection threshold is reached.