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Eye: The eye is the hole at the pointed needle end where the thread is carried to form stitches.
Based on usage, the global cardiovascular needle market is divided into following:
Using the correct needle can make a huge difference in the quality and satisfaction of your work.
The features of the Automatic Needle Exchanger (www.
A crucial aspect of guiding the needle close to the nerve is to visualise the needle tip.
Hamsters infected with WNV by mosquitoes or needle injections do not differ in level or duration of viremia, clinical manifestations, pathology, or antibody response (23).
Gently nudge the Styrofoam so the needle points in a different direction.
Filling the forms with metals or polymers resulted in hair-thin needles no longer than the width of the period at the end this sentence.
Brenda Beauchamp, director of marketing, Global Needle Safety and Arterial Blood Sampling Products, commented "We are delighted to offer this new product line to our customers to facilitate their compliance with the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act.
I'm terrified of needles and dread going to the doctor.
After reviewing the extensive evidence documenting the success that needle exchange has in preventing HIV, after hailing McCague as "a modern-day Joan of Arc," after telling the courtroom he would be proud to be her father, Judge Terrill Brenner found McCague guilty of illegal distribution of drug paraphernalia.
Pine needle basketry, conceived by Native Americans in Pre-Columbian times, is now a viable part of our American cultural heritage.
The percentage of blunt needles used during a calendar quarter increased, from [is less than]1% to 55% during the study; during April-June 1994, at least one blunt suture needle was used in 243 (81%) of 299 procedures.