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Specific areas needing research include the role and impact of family, cultural/ethnic/racial, and cohort variables on the rehabilitation of the older person.
A few years ago, my company helped a delightful, "80-something" woman who was healthy, alert and self-sufficient except for needing a little extra assistance because of her deteriorating eyesight.
For example, an individual may begin needing the support of an enclave with fun-time supervision.
He has gone from needing oxygen in order to drink thickened formula, to eating soft foods, cheerios and every child's favorite, chicken nuggets.
These matters can be as diverse as needing grief counseling or needing to hear that bouts of incontinence, which can occur after a urinary tract infection associated with catheterization, are usually temporary, so "don't panic or be embarrassed.
No one wants to consider the prospect of someday needing help with the activities of daily living that we all take for granted," Cunningham said, "but an accident, illness or deteriorating abilities can leave you unable to care for yourself.