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need (doing)

Requiring to be completed or acted upon. I'm finished with my work for the day, if there's anything else you need doing. That grass needs cutting when you have a chance.
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need (to be)

done Go to need doing.
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Hospitalists recognize their need for a successful hospital more than any other group of physicians.
The S & T program manager has often gone off in one direction, without confirming with the requirements community or the acquisition community that a need exists for technology, or that the acquisition program manager will accept the technology if it is successfully developed.
Hence, the need for an accurate and a regular assessment of college student needs (Gallagher, Golin, & Kelleher, 1992).
DAV: Given the elevated projections for mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), in returning troops we anticipate a need for increased mental health clinicians and obviously the need for additional resources.
In other instances through the utilization of a journal, there was recognition of a lack, and therefore, a need to develop the connections with students, which had been a natural and familiar occurrence as a general education classroom teacher.
Donald Mead, VP of Marketing for FalconStor said, "The SMBS want the same level of storage management as the enterprise--and they need them.
There is no doubt that third-party insurance, new equipment, materials and techniques are transforming the practice of dentistry, but so too is the need to provide care to increasing numbers of individuals with special needs.
Governments regularly state that such policies need to be significantly driven by individuals.
Employees need protection from premature loss of life or loss of income due to disability.
This project represents an intervention-based research collaborative program that responds to the need for empirically based elementary school-to-work educational initiatives.
There are those who think that because Saddam Hussein buried his airplanes in the sand that today the need for air superiority is over and that we don't need necessarily to put any more effort into dominating the skies.
Overall, there is a very large need for support with activities of daily living, which are primarily provided by friends or families, suggesting "that the formal infrastructure for such supports, such as organizations and agencies, can adequately service only a small faction of those in need.
The CPA often plays an important role as a financial and tax adviser in the planning, implementation and management of special needs trusts.
One way some institutions have begun to understand differences in student net revenue production is to look at differences in the average net tuition revenue generated by students with different need and quality levels, segmented by in-state and out-of-state students.
Given the three functional roles, even health-care providers need lead time to meet the needs of an increasingly medically complex group of campers and staff.