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Measurements of performance need to look at how the parties work together.
However, it is essential that they articulate the general needs of the warfighter in sufficient detail so that the S & T community can focus their efforts.
We also predicted that females would have greater need for psychological services than males.
We expect to meet much of the growing need for long-term care through non-institutional services, such as care coordination, home health care, adult day health care, respite, home hospice and palliative care, and homemaker and home health aide services.
Concerns focusing on self-adequacies are also reported in Whitaker's (2003) investigation of the needs of beginning special education teachers in which he surveyed 156 teachers after their first year teaching.
With a dearth of IT support staff, the last thing SMB needs is a complicated backup routine, or one that requires many manual steps.
must (sic) be competent in assessing the treatment needs of patients with special needs.
If individuals are to be able to find the information they need, to understand this information and relate it to their personal needs, and then to convert it into personal action, many will need some form of personal support, including counseling.
Only when these needs are met should other forms of protection be included.
To counter this, faculty need to effectively integrate innovative models of teaching, service, and research into the training of new school counselors and the professional development of established professionals (Hayes et al.
Next, a principal I call "we need to grow jointness from within.
The authors warn that the lack of formal services, for those who need assistance for daily living, is cause for "tremendous concern," particularly, if baby boomers adopt the same rate of requirement for assistance as today's seniors.
Given the increasing need of camps to interact more effectively and consistently with insurance companies--especially if one is interested in impacting the camp's loss ratio--this makes good sense.
The CPA often plays an important role as a financial and tax adviser in the planning, implementation and management of special needs trusts.
One way some institutions have begun to understand differences in student net revenue production is to look at differences in the average net tuition revenue generated by students with different need and quality levels, segmented by in-state and out-of-state students.