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need (doing)

Requiring to be completed or acted upon. I'm finished with my work for the day, if there's anything else you need doing. That grass needs cutting when you have a chance.
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need (to be)

done Go to need doing.
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Physicians need information technology to track patient progress efficiently, and they need help in controlling their practice expenses (i.e.
The goal of the DoD's science and technology (S & T) community is to maintain the nation's military technical superiority by providing innovative solutions that meet the warfighter's needs. One aspect of the innovation process involves identifying new concepts or developing new technologies, and the S & T labs are replete with bright and knowledgeable people who are very good at doing that.
Female students were found to be more in need of counseling, especially in the area of finances than their male counterparts.
We're spending less time, attention and money on structures and more on medical outcomes that show we're providing veterans with the care they need.
Although this teacher/researcher believes that the instruction provided in a pull-out program can be more directed towards the students' needs, it has become more and more apparent the importance of collaboration with the students' general education teachers and the need to observe in the student's classrooms.
A number of storage vendors have reported that natural disasters in 2005 have seemed to cause an uptick in storage purchases, especially backup and recovery software and the need for offsite storage.
Accordingly, countries are increasingly recognizing the need to expand access to career guidance services so that these services are available not just to selected groups, like school leavers and the unemployed, but to everyone throughout his or her life.
But profound changes also are occurring in dental practices throughout the entire country as increasing numbers of youngsters (and the not so young) with intellectual and developmental disabilities have become dependent upon local community practitioners for needed oral health services.
They need to be change-embracing, innovative, strategic, and "political" in the sense of building networks and support within the organization.
If dental is offered by the majority of local employers, it likely will need to be offered to attract and retain employees.
Initial interactions concerned the school's need for counseling and consultation services from university counselor education faculty.
There are those who think that because Saddam Hussein buried his airplanes in the sand that today the need for air superiority is over and that we don't need necessarily to put any more effort into dominating the skies.
Keep in mind that after he decreases his bodyweight, he will require less calories per day to meet his energy needs. At a bodyweight of 195, for example, he might need 4,875 calories per day to maintain his bodyweight.
The rate of unmet need is highest among individuals with speech and learning disabilities, with the most prevalent reason for unmet needs for children attending school being funding cutbacks, particularly for tutors and teacher's aides.