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n. a dull person; a jerk. (From Yiddish.) Taylor is such a nebbish. Why doesn’t she just give up?
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I wanted to carry the torch for all nice Jewish guys," says Cohen, who adds that for him the NJB means something beyond being bookish, nebbishy or even Jewish.
It was 1968 when Mel Brooks first offered up his story of a nebbishy accountant and a theatrical producer who hire a lavishly gay director to mount surefire Broadway failure Springtime for Hitler, and legend has it the film almost wasn't released.
On Tuesday, if you don't die laughing Friday night, you can chow down on brilliantly bad comedy from nebbishy Neil Hamburger, with some alt-karaoke comedy from Canned Hamm as an appetizer (WOW Hall, 9:30 p.
Rick Moranis plays nebbishy Seymour Krelborn, who works in a rundown flower shop on Skid Row.
I played journalistic bottom to the nebbishy auteur of narrative-as-exploitation (and Janet Malcolm is one of my favorite writers
Fry's hero is Michael Young, a shy, rather nebbishy twenty-four-year-old graduate student at Cambridge University.
Like that film, the series is set in rural, snow-glazed Minnesota, but 20 years later (in 2006), and is stocked with new characters, deadly mischief and a bounty of stars including Allison Tolman as a bright-eyed deputy and Martin Freeman as a nebbishy insurance salesman (distant echoes of the roles played by McDormand and Macy in the film).
A certain kind of penetrating, analytical intelligence, at home in the world of ideas and abstractions, often comes off as lost and flat-footed when entering the realm of human feelings--love, grief, longing, despair, hope, desire--like a brilliant, nebbishy teenager sitting in a corner at the dance.
Here's an example: Ask Michael Bunin (who plays the nebbishy Kenny) and Jamie Kaler (who plays clueless womanizer Mike) about how their own life stories get incorporated into the show's plotlines.
Contrast that with her last day of filming, when she had to give a fake orgasm on camera to Jane Krakowski, who plays an ambitious (and closeted) TV journalist making her career covering a sex scandal involving Kimberly, her two closest friends, and a nebbishy English teacher played by Ron Livingston.
The Nutty Professor (1963) Jerry Lewis immortalizes the schizoid split between the nebbishy, brilliant, klutzy Jewish arrested-development manboy and the slick, Sammy Glick-ish hustler-type, Buddy Love.
McG, executive producer and director on the series, likens his show's hero to Spider-man's nebbishy secret identity, Peter Parker.
Slight of stature and nebbishy in appearance, beloved character actor Michael Jeter faced death numerous times through his work--as a condemned mouse-loving killer in The Green Mile (1999), a show tunes-belting homeless man with AIDS in The Fisher King (1991), and a cancer-stricken Jewish bookkeeper in Broadway's Grand Hotel, a performance that snagged him a 1990 Tony.