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n. a dull person; a jerk. (From Yiddish.) Taylor is such a nebbish. Why doesn’t she just give up?
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I didn't know that my side of the romance was going to be so nebbish, so pathetic," he says, sucking on a cough drop to try and fight off a cold.
The intense, nebbish Eisenberg (Zombieland, Adventureland) really nails it, while Andrew Garfield as Eduardo, singer Justin Timberlake as Napstar founder Sean Parker, and Armie Hammer as the Winklevoss twins are also rock-solid.
Who, for instance, can forget the existential plight of Henry Bemis, Burgess Meredith's character in the first season's "Time Enough at Last," when, wanting nothing more than to spend his life reading, this nebbish fellow gets his wish by becoming the sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust that kills everyone in his unnamed city but leaves its library intact, only to break his Coke-bottle glasses while rejoicing over the serenity and silence that he will now enjoy amid tall stacks of books?
Zombieland is a blast, mining laughs from the survivors' reaction to their predicament, Harrelson's gung-ho antics and Eisenberg's nebbish cowardice.
Director Murray Chase is doing a bit of color-blind casting here; talented young African-American actor Charles McKenzie plays the nebbish Leo, while long-time area fave Larry Golden is the wily Max Bialystock.
Yet, I still couldn't complete the series that year because if it was Roman Semproch you couldn't get, it was an Ernie Banks; and if it wasn't an Ernie Banks, it turned out to be some other nebbish, like Toby Atwell.
Her nebbish husband, Otis, played with the naivete and patience of a saint, sang a clown song about a poor jerk that nobody ever noticed, the strangely moving "Mister Cellophane.
Nebbish Victorian teen Tristan (Charlie Cox) wants to give the star to his stuck-up village girlfriend (Sienna Miller), hoping that she'll marry him.
As for the spirited Hennie, she forms a characterological triumvirate with Moe and Ralph--as opposed to the triumvirate of Bessie, her nebbish of a husband named Myron, and the doormat known as Sam Feinschreiber (Hennie's husband).
And, like a Bellow protagonist, Tom is a weak-willed nebbish unable to resist the force of someone else's actions.
com/cgi-bin/prnh/20041119/NYMAGLOGO ) The Nebbish Behind Craigslist by Philip Weiss
Stuart Woods has created a fabulous hero who can turn from nebbish to dynamo when he feels someone threatens people he cares about.
Allen rebuts familiar expectations - he rejects psychoanalysis, he wants out of New York and the timid nebbish has become a churning mass of fear who tells Jerry everyone should get a gun and who's seething frustration and anger explodes not in self-pity or recriminatory guilt trips but in taking a crowbar to the car of two muscleheads who have stolen his parking space.
Billingsley was a nebbish from Enid, Oklahoma, where his dad had been the chief of police.
doubletaken nebbish underlings exhibits the only four-consecutive-doubled-letters word in English.