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A weak, submissive, pitiful person, especially a man. Adapted from the Yiddish word nebekh. He's just a sniveling nebbish, not a real man like you. Why they ever hired a nebbish like him to run the company is beyond me.




n. a dull person; a jerk. (From Yiddish.) Taylor is such a nebbish. Why doesn’t she just give up?
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Does she save Cary Grant's nebbish character from monotony--or is their pairing just .
Yet, despite character stagnation, "the meddling matriarch," "the neurotic nebbish," "the pampered princess," and "the scheming scumbag" are represented as fluid, and include alterations from previous stereotypes concerning age groups, gender, sexualities, and social classes.
The least concrete, most slippery, but perhaps also most ubiquitous way in which Goldstein's and Rakoff's work resonates with earlier and contemporary representations of Jews in North American literature and popular culture is in their construction of themselves as shlemiel or nebbish protagonists.
In order to avoid a political scandal, Richard calls in his nebbish aide-de-camp, George Pidgen (Tom Stokes), to help save his bacon.
An astringent group of hard-edge and geometric abstractions, these works evoke, above all, the image of a bow-tied nebbish methodically plotting from the grid: Take, for example, McAree, ca.
Balctheerzak then examines the "whitefacing" of the nebbish Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny's mastery of the moderate and meditative voice in a world gone mad, Laurel and Hardy and heterosexual brotherhood, military disservice on the parts of a number of stars, and the almost universal commitment to going beyond buffoonery to make the point.
A Marxist "might deem them tools of oppression, although in this case the oppressors were, nebbish, no grander than a convoy of frail and tattered rabbis.
Norm, a bearded nebbish who built cell-phone towers or some such, seemed uncomfortable with the way Terry had popped up at the center of her tale, and Allison continued to shoot meaningful looks in the direction of Claudia's hand, but neither Ben nor the girlfriend noticed.
To make this list, you have to be a celeb, but you can't be a nebbish, or not care about marrying/dating out or be anti-Israel.
the clean lines of my nebbish back the undoing of my stains
Moments later, Albert (Christophe Demirdjian), a nebbish who draws abstract paintings of used cars, enters the dining room.
It is that equally frequently the position has been filled with nebbish equivalents: Rusk presiding over JFK's "bowl of jelly" and then as LBJ's afterthought and Vietnam fall guy.
But I was out to show that I was a character actor, not just this nebbish kid that Nichols found.
I didn't know that my side of the romance was going to be so nebbish, so pathetic," he says, sucking on a cough drop to try and fight off a cold.
The intense, nebbish Eisenberg (Zombieland, Adventureland) really nails it, while Andrew Garfield as Eduardo, singer Justin Timberlake as Napstar founder Sean Parker, and Armie Hammer as the Winklevoss twins are also rock-solid.