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A weak, submissive, pitiful person, especially a man. Adapted from the Yiddish word nebekh. He's just a sniveling nebbish, not a real man like you. Why they ever hired a nebbish like him to run the company is beyond me.
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n. a dull person; a jerk. (From Yiddish.) Taylor is such a nebbish. Why doesn’t she just give up?


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'We had to block the road after which the president of the council called us to have a meeting with him but we were not given any assurance that we would be allowed to attend the NEB exam,' he said.
Amjad another MBBS from China said that dozens of students from different cities reached PMDC with the hope that they will be allowed to sit in the upcoming NEB exam, but after wasting whole day, were denied by the council.
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The pilot runs until March 2018 with the NEB covering the cost so Canadians can have full digital access.
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