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A weak, submissive, pitiful person, especially a man. Adapted from the Yiddish word nebekh. He's just a sniveling nebbish, not a real man like you. Why they ever hired a nebbish like him to run the company is beyond me.


n. a dull person; a jerk. (From Yiddish.) Taylor is such a nebbish. Why doesn’t she just give up?


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They have said the hundreds of students who have completed their MBBS but obtained less than 60pc marks in intermediate, should also be considered for NEB.
Amjad said as per PMDC rules only those medical and dental graduates who have major postgraduate's qualification like diploma of American Board, FRCS (UK) or equivalent are exempted from NEB examination.
To enable a future NEB to engender more cooperation between industry and between industry and employees, British politicians' attitudes toward industrial policy will have to change radically.
The NEB decided to review the methodology it used in applying the cost-benefit test.
Within the audit samples, the NEB noted some common areas for improvement such as: updating processes, enhancing training programs, improving documentation and records management.
The NEB is concerned about these manufacturing issues but stresses that there is no immediate risk to the public or the environment.
The NEB is committed to having procedures that protect and preserve, to the extent possible the confidentiality and anonymity of disclosures and the identity of tipsters.
On June 11, the NEB informed TransCanada that it is dismissing the company s review and variance application in its entirety.