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(as) neat as a pin

Tidy; clean; in good or neat order. I expected Danny's student apartment to be a total mess, but it was as neat as a pin when we arrived! I expect you to leave this kitchen neat as a pin when you finish for the night, understand?
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(as) neat as ninepence

Very tidy, neat, and well-organized; in good order. After my kids made me breakfast in bed, I expected the kitchen to be a mess. But was I ever surprised to find the whole place as neat as ninepence when I came downstairs! James is so meticulous with his office, always keeping it neat as ninepence.
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neat and tidy

Very organized and clean. Every room in this house needs to be neat and tidy before my mother-in-law gets here.
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neat as a bandbox

Impeccably dressed; stylish. A bandbox is a container that was used to store accessories like collars and ruffs. Dave, I just love that suit and tie on you! You look neat as a bandbox!
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neat as a new pin

Very neat, tidy, and clean. I expected Danny's student apartment to be a total mess, but it was neat as a new pin!
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tie (something) up in a neat little bow

To take care of, finish, or resolve something fully and completely, especially in a way that is satisfying or pleasing. OK, yes, I like those corny movies that tie everything up in a neat little bow at the end. I hate when there are loose ends! We need every detail tied up in a neat little bow before we make our pitch to the board, got it?
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*neat as a pin

Cliché neat and orderly. (*Also: as ~.) Brad is such a good housekeeper; his apartment is always as neat as a pin. Joanne certainly is well-organized. Her desk is neat as a pin.
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1. mod. great; cool; fine. That was not a very neat thing to do.
2. exclam. Wow! (Usually Neat!) Neat! I’m glad you came.
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neat as a pin

Trim, orderly. This term dates from the late eighteenth century and appeared in print in several works by John Wolcot (who used the pseudonym Peter Pindar), as “neat as a new pin.”
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Neatly is quite different in that regard - it has more than a couple of those token extra features.
It folds away neatly when not in use but when opened up to its full 143cm length, it easily accommodates six diners.
3 After you get your application, please fill it out very neatly with a dark ink pen.
The supporting characters are well drawn and likeable, and the loose ends are tied up neatly. Recommend this to middle and high school students who enjoy realistic fiction and romance.
Judge neatly back-heeled to the on-running Curran on the edge of the box, and he neatly slipped the ball home.
As the bishop says however, in reality it was not a public event but a complex, hidden phenomena rather than a simplistic "cowboy film" in which the baddies are neatly despatched.
In Acconci's work this questioning shows up very neatly in poems like this:</p> <pre> I am here.
Duncan Hills in Union County, N.J., includes 134 charming garden apartment units and a pool with adjoining sundeck on neatly landscaped grounds.
It may be hard to neatly categorize her journeys--but they make for a compelling armchair read and bring modern Scotland alive for readers.
The appeals court held that although the inmate's allegations were not "neatly parsed" and included a great deal of irrelevant detail, the complaint named the defendants and contained three clearly enumerated claims and a prayer for relief.
His cross was then neatly headed home by Vincent from inside the six-yard box.
Made of hand-dyed cotton in a range of bright colors, these bags zip up neatly into small pouches that would fit easily into a purse or glove compartment.
A Cry From The Womb cannot be neatly categorized as a pro-choice or pro-life book; though the author believes very strongly in the souls of the unborn and speaks of the negative impact abortion can have on both this life and the hereafter, the author also believes firmly that no woman should ever be forced to carry out a pregnancy.
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