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To 1 ml of the sample, few ml of ammonia solution with the layer of concentrated hydrochloric acid were added, appearance of yellow color demonstrates the nearness of flavonoids.
With the Keypasco Proximity patent a user can use the nearness in space and time to be secure in a natural and user-friendly way.
The dawn of the electric age witnessed the destruction of both nearness and farness.
He added " no one even think that we want to abandon scientific and technical because we seek nearness to the world or deal and talk, confirming that Iran is moving strongly in all fields of science.
This projects implements a particular approach in measuring image resemblance called Perceptual Systems Approach, based on Near Sets Theory where image resemblance is viewed as a form of nearness between sets of perceptual objects.
Faith shines out of the window of each page, while text and illustration interweave perfectly to demonstrate the harmony, beauty, and peace of God's blessed love and nearness. "God Is Always With You" is a lovely reassuring children's view of the powerful message in the Holy Bible to trust in the goodness and nearness of God.
The building can be traced back to the Qajar era, and its nearness to both old and new roads adds to its value.
In fact, the greater the nearness (taqarrob) between human beings and God, the more human traits can be ascribed to God.
These major resorts are not easily comparable to Barry, if only for their much larger size, relative greater wealth and nearness to London.
The proposed approach unifies the calculation ways of different types of numbers with binary connection number, does not normalize the raw data of all alternatives, and calculates alternatives' nearness degrees instead of target center distances, as is superior in theory and in practice.
Holly Swann, 18, a student from Whitley Bay: "I like the nearness of the beaches and the great sports facilities."
The nearness of death creates constant tension in this novel.
So we get order but also chaos, light but also darkness, wide open space but also the nearness that brings clashes and crunches.
The incident happened in Badaber area located in the outskirts of Peshawar, the capital city of the country's northwest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which often becomes an easy target of militants due to its nearness to the lawless tribal belt.
(1) Fuzzy Nearness. Given that A and B are fuzzy sets in domain F(U), denoted by A, B [member of] F(U), the inner and outer products between A and B are defined by [17]