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the nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat

proverb The last parts of something are the most enjoyable. Some of my terminally ill patients have said that they enjoy life more once they know that death is imminent. The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat, I guess.
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the nearer the church, the farther from God

proverb The higher up someone is in the church hierarchy, the more likely they are to be corrupt, immoral, or sinful. A: "It turns out the archbishop himself was the one who ran the entire cover-up operation." B: "Doesn't surprise me. The nearer the church, the farther from God." The highest order of the church is shrouded in secrecy, but the few reports that make their way to the public often detail a decadent, even vulgar lifestyle. I suppose, as they say, the nearer the church, the farther from God.
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nearer the church, the farther from God

Prov. Church officials, or people who live near the church, are not truly pious. Jill: I think our pastor is an evil man. Jane: I didn't think evil men could be pastors. Jill: Of course they can! The nearer the church, the farther from God.
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YOUTHS who have been pestering horses owned by Nuneaton's Riding for the Disabled Association have forced organisers to seek alternative grazing land nearer to the group's Galley Common stables.
"That will always stay with Robbie I think because he said he wanted to move nearer his parents and then moved further away."
"Hopefully, Jamie will be available but we shall see nearer the time.
Manager Maureen Williams said: "We are a mutual building society and want to be nearer our customers, which is why we're moving from the business district to be nearer shoppers and passers-by."
The biggest upset in any division was probably in 7 Central, where leaders Dowlais, with only one previous loss, fell at lowly Cwmgwrach in an amazing 13-5 scoreline, leaving Porthcawl a step nearer with two games in hand after winning 24-13 at Cwmtwrch.
DAYTIME telly host Lorraine Kelly is on the move - to a new home nearer to her beloved Dundee United.
Sue's children have all left home, Adrian has gone to university in Sheffield and Fiona lives with her dad as it is nearer to where she works.
"Getting nearer and nearer our objective brings its own particular pressures, but I am determined to keep that level of expectancy away from the players."
PAUL NOLAN will wait until ``much nearer the race'' before making a decision on whether Champion Hurdle fourth Accordion Etoile will take his chance in the Guinness Galway Hurdle on Thursday week.
The DEEP2 team used red and blue light emissions to compare the clustering behavior of galaxies that are 6 to 8 billion light-years away to that of nearer galaxies.
A FORMER Leamington mayor and long-serving councillor is leaving the town to be nearer his family.
Most brands of petrol were cheaper nearer to the refinery or depot, and a halfpenny or one penny a gallon more in the country or more remote areas.
A spokeswoman for the store said: "We'll be launching our Easter egg range much nearer Easter itself.
"When we get nearer the game I'll look at what they have and sit and pick the players I need.
In September it was York Minster, tomorrow it's the nearer Dewsbury Minster, as guests of Thornhill Male Voice Choir.