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As senior vice president, Near North Energy, Michael Newman, ACII is
Second, if the defenders are drawn to the near post, any mistakes they make will leave space in front of the goal.
We're on cloud nine, and now we're trying to get to cloud 18," says NEAR scientist Joseph Veverka of Cornell University.
SOUTHWEST -- Bittersweet near Otsego and Cannonsburg near Belmont plan weekend debuts if Mother Nature cooperates.
The ``smart'' crosswalks will be installed at Lancaster Boulevard and 12th Street West near Monte Vista Elementary School, at Lancaster and 27th Street East near Tierra Bonita Elementary School, Fifth Street East and Kettering Street near Linda Verde Elementary School, 15th Street West and Avenue H-10 near Desert View Elementary School, Fifth Street East and Avenue H-11 near Piute Middle School and 30th Street East and Kettering near Cole Middle School.
For decades, pesticides were manufactured and dumped at six small sites within two miles of each other in south-central North Carolina, near the town of Aberdeen.
Nearly 9 months after entering orbit around the near-Earth asteroid 433 Eros, NEAR swooped within 5.
NORTHWEST MICHIGAN -- Thanksgiving Day openings are slated for Boyne Highlands at Harbor Springs and Boyne Mountain near Boyne Falls with 18-24 inch bases (1-800-GO-BOYNE); Nub's Nob north of Harbor Springs, 18-36 inches (1-616-526-2131); and Schuss Mountain at Mancelona with 12-15 inches (1-800-678-4111).
In Syria near Mar'a, two strikes destroyed an ISIL artillery piece, an ISIL mortar tube and an ISIL weapons cache, the announcement said.
According to handout issued by ISPR, the troops conducted cordon and search operation near Kunar Sar in Admi Kot (Wucha Bibi).
Flashing lights are set to be installed at 11 intersections near elementary, middle and high schools to improve safety, officials said.
Facilities access management is expected to become one of the leading applications of Near Field Communication technology, along with contactless financial transactions and sharing digital content between devices.
In Syria 10 airstrikes were conducted near seven locations: Near Abu Kamal, one airstrike struck an ISIL crude oil collection point.
In Syria near Al Hawl, one airstrike destroyed three ISIL bunkers, the announcement said.
Scientists have already mapped much of the chemical composition of the moon's near side, thanks to the ability to view this part of the moon from Earth and to the lunar rock samples gathered by U.