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he that will not when he may, when he will he may have nay

proverb Avail yourself of something now, even if you don't need it, because it might not be available later when you do need it. A: "Oh wow, it's rare to see this skincare line in stores—it usually sells out really fast." B: "Yeah, but I don't need any more moisturizer right now." A: OK, but he that will not when he may, when he will he may have nay."
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1. formal No. Used to indicate a negative vote or to emphasize a point. It was an unethical, nay, downright abhorrent thing to do.
2. A negative vote. I plan to vote nay on this proposal.
3. One who has cast a negative vote. The nays overwhelmed the handful of yeas on this vote.

yea or nay

Yes or no. "Yea" is pronounced (and commonly misspelled as) "yay." What do you think of this outfit for tonight? Yea or nay? All right kids, Chinese take-out—yea or nay? Speak now or forever hold your peace.
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mod. ugly; unfavorable. (From nasty.) What a nay thing to say.
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There has been some muttering that Mohammad-Reza Bahonar, the second deputy speaker, pocketed some nay cards and substituted some aye cards from his pocket.
We have assigned pluses to the "nays" because this bill represents a significant increase in spending, and social-welfare programs are unconstitutional.
We appreciate this award because it is an honour not only for the Venerable Nay Chroek but also for our nation,' Somony said.
Fu na pumayag ha kahit maliit lang ang budget!" Nay Lolit said (dahil d'yan, ako ang manghaharbat sayo, Nay Lolit!)
According to one video obtained by Nay San Lwin, the Rohingya, most of whom arrived in the country several years ago, were being prepared to be taken to Jeddah international airport on Sunday where they would then board direct flights to Dhaka.
After the revolution, Gunness went on to become director of communications with the United Nations in the Middle East while U Nay Min was arrested, imprisoned and tortured.
A MBDMA yield of 97% (2.47 g, 0.0097 mol) and a MDA conversion of 100% were attained, when a mixture of MDA (1.98 g, 0.01 mol), DMC (27.0 g, 0.30 mol), and NaY (1.98 g) was stirred at 190[degrees]C for 6h.
'Nay' is about a man suffering from a terminal disease who uncovers a dark family secret.
In response Nay wa Mitego said: 'Ndio maana game ya Kenya ime stuck!
Nay Pyi Taw [Myanmar], September 6 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday morning met with the State Counsellor of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, in Nay Pyi Taw.
NAYDUCT is one of the prime players in HVAC Duct Supply market by creating a vast AC duct manufacturing facility of 55000 SqFt in Jabal Ali Industrial Area, Dubai, which has become the core competency of NAY and gives NAYDUCT a comparative edge.
Upon completion of a refurbishment this spring, Nay, the signature restaurant at Somewhere Hotels Barsha Heights, relaunched on May 20 as a Lebanese restaurant serving what the hotel's executive chef Samer Othman describes as "traditional, authentic Lebanese food, but with a modern presentation, a contemporary 'twist'".
PDP stalwart Thiri Nay Lin said she discovered the defamatory remarks on Yar Pyae's Facebook page when she checked his post history.
Although he was born in Berlin, I've never thought of Ernst Wilhelm Nay as a particularly German painter.
Northampton Crown Court heard that Jaguar Land Rover manager Andrew Nay was "bullying" a woman driving a Mazda people carrier before the smash happened.