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come easily to (one)

To be a skill that one learns with little effort. Playing the guitar just doesn't come easily to me—maybe because I have no sense of rhythm. Jackie isn't a great outfielder, but pitching seems to come easily to her.
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come naturally

To be a skill that one learns easily or with little effort. Playing the guitar just doesn't come naturally to me—maybe because I have no sense of rhythm. Jackie isn't a great outfielder, but pitching seems to come naturally to her.
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do what comes naturally

euphemism To have sex. If he didn't come home from his date last night, I bet it's because he did what comes naturally.
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come naturally (to someone)

to be natural and easy for someone. Her ability to deal easily with people comes naturally to her.
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do what comes naturally

engage in sexual intercourse. informal euphemistic
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come ˈeasily, ˈnaturally, etc. to somebody

(of an activity, a skill, etc.) be easy, natural, etc. for somebody to do: Acting comes naturally to her.
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come ˈnaturally (to somebody/something)

if something comes naturally to you, you are able to do it very easily and very well: Making money came naturally to him.
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Buoyed by a list of more than 700 local companies and individuals who consider themselves part of the natural-products sector, Naturally Boulder Day offered four workshops designed for both new and growing businesses.
A candidate gene to test this hypothesis has been found, and a future study will examine expression of this gene in IVF- and naturally conceived children.
A naturally acquired quotidian-type malaria in man transferable to monkeys.
The fact that HIV grows best in the cells naturally programmed to recognize it may explain why therapeutic vaccines have been unable to induce a lasting HIV-specific CD4 response--since the cells are activated and do not live long, and fail to produce memory cells (which are not activated and normally can live for years, ready to protect against a particular virus or other disease-causing organism if it is seen again).
In the case of foods naturally low in fat, the term "naturally" may be used as a prefix to this claim.
Certified Naturally Grown is not meant to be in competition with the USDA program.
Molders have often responded by limiting themselves to molds of low cavitation because they are easiest to balance naturally. But low cavitation requires more molds, more machines, more floor space for the machines, and more people to run them.
Department of Agriculture's new Dietary Guidelines even urge consumers to "limit intake of beverages and foods that are high in added sugars." Yet current labeling regulations make it impossible to differentiate what is added from what is present naturally.
To work as communication, hand gestures must be expressed naturally. Although the woman in our first example may be fully conscious of the camera, her hand gesture falls naturally into place.
They are made naturally, by the body, and can affect us in far-reaching ways.
The impact of older persons' preferences to age in place and to live in age- integrated settings has given rise to a newly recognized phenomenon called NORCs, or "Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities." These communities are generally defined as neighborhoods or housing developments not built specifically for retirement or senior housing, but in which aging in place has naturally resulted in creating a majority of the residents aged 60 or over.
To avoid the price dips and the use of hazardous chemicals, the elder Peters decided to start producing naturally grown coffee.
The categories naturally change as the topic turns to Middle English verse: the aspects of poetic diction discussed in chapter 6 are compounding, affixation, lexical conversion, blends, loans, aureation, and poetic vocabulary, while the formal features treated in chapter 7 are rhyme, alliteration, the metrical effects of some phonological and syntactic variables (e.g., final -e and types of the genitive), some syntactic options unavailable in Present-Day English (e.g., the use of the perfect in simple preterite contexts), parataxis, and formulaic diction.
"In the prohibitionist case," Sullivan begins, "the argument goes something like this: Homosexuality is a choice." People are naturally heterosexual but somewhere along the line fall into sin.
Naturally, I had to see what kind of pepper this woman was shaking, so I got into the game, too, and watched her go to work.