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(someone's) native soil

The country or geographical area in which someone was born and/or raised. Though I've spent most of my adult life in London, it's always nice to return to my native soil of Shanghai, if even for just a few days.
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go native

To adopt the behavior, attitudes, or characteristics of the people of a different culture in which one now lives. John has gone native after living in Hawaii for a year, surfing every chance he gets.
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go native

Adopt another people's way of life, especially that of a culture from a less developed country. For example, Ben's decided to go native, sleeping in a hammock and eating all kinds of strange foods . This expression is closely associated with the often contemptuous view British colonists had of indigenous peoples. [c. 1900]
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go native

(of a person living away from their own country or region) abandon their own culture, customs, or way of life and adopt those of the country or region they are living in.
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go ˈnative

(often humorous) (of a person staying in another country) try to live and behave like the local people: She was one of a number of artists who had emigrated in the 1990s and gone native.
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Over the course of the seven interviews, community became a metaphor for the process of making the connection to one's Nativeness and being drawn toward other Indian people.
To them, his whole being seems out of sync: they recognize the "native" voice, but his face "says" otherwise for it does not strike them as a signifier of nativeness.
First, the researchers investigated if the phenomenon, (the perception of agency or personality to an interactive computer program), actually exists, that is, do people attribute non-nativeness and nativeness to a computer program?
e] (t) Minimal Axiom of Inheritance*, Axiom of Interface* Closed Minimal + Axiom of Closure Native Minimal + Axiom of Nativeness Lattice Minimal + Axiom of Supertype Lattice* Direct supertyped Lattice + Axiom of Supertypes Acyclic Lattice + Axiom of Acyclicity* Rooted Lattice + Axiom of Rootedness Pointed Lattice + Axiom of Pointedness
He argues that Tomlinson learned from his American friend and fellow poet "an alertness to the given thing--the chanced-on person, object, or event that lets through the nativeness .
Editor Mariann Larsen Pehrzon presents students, academics, and researchers with a collection of academic papers and scholarly articles focused on the ongoing cultural debate surrounding conceptions of nativeness and foreignness in the EU.
Functional Nativeness in Outer Circle and Expanding Circle" Web.
Spatial belonging is denoted by the concept of nativeness, notwithstanding considerable critique of this concept (Davis etal, 2011).
41) In terms of the singing of the national anthem, Nativeness was incorporated as well, as Daniel Tlen from Burwash Landing, Yukon, sang a translated version of "O Canada" in his Southern Tutchone language before the English/ French version began, OCO faced strong criticism for these seemingly symbolic gestures, derided for a "beads and feathers" approach to Indigenous imagery within the ceremony and the broader games.
It] supplemented (only supplemented) but not in the least replaced my Australian nativeness.
The results of this study suggested that both nativeness and wide repertoire of teaching experience and strategies play the significant role on efficacy in teaching higher-level classes.
John's rage is, therefore a result both of his being appropriated and of his appropriation of an available discourse of Nativeness and, as such, begs a series of questions consonant with those articulated by Armstrong's text: how is rage related to trauma, how might this feeling be discursively constituted and reified, and what are the implications of articulating resistance through colonial discourse?
Making a point of the fact that Raintree "looked like one of those Indian nacres" (In Search 46), Mosionier further problematizes the construction of a stable biracial identity in the novel; for the Nativeness of Raintree as a surname suggests that either Henry or one of his forefathers forfeited his right to Indian status through means other than non-Native paternity.
German words come into their own, however, not mainly in their native-rootedness but in the word-building that can display this nativeness to its best advantage.
By adopting its own past as its classical object of emulation, Spain incorporated the romantic valuation of its foreignness qua nativeness into its self-understanding.