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(someone's) native soil

The country or geographical area in which someone was born or raised. Though I've spent most of my adult life in London, it's always nice to return to my native soil of Shanghai, if even for just a few days.
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go native

To adopt the behavior, attitudes, or characteristics of the people of a different culture in which one now lives. John has gone native after living in Hawaii for a year, surfing every chance he gets.
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go native

Adopt another people's way of life, especially that of a culture from a less developed country. For example, Ben's decided to go native, sleeping in a hammock and eating all kinds of strange foods . This expression is closely associated with the often contemptuous view British colonists had of indigenous peoples. [c. 1900]
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go native

(of a person living away from their own country or region) abandon their own culture, customs, or way of life and adopt those of the country or region they are living in.
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go ˈnative

(often humorous) (of a person staying in another country) try to live and behave like the local people: She was one of a number of artists who had emigrated in the 1990s and gone native.
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Campaign on to save native Ifugao pigs !-- -- Artemio Dumlao (The Philippine Star) - November 11, 2018 - 12:00am BAGUIO CITY, Philippines The people of Ifugao want to save not only their deteriorating rice terraces but their dwindling native pigs as well.
Although contemporary Native American (1) theater emerged during the second half of the 20th century, its origins draw from an extensive oral tradition which was mainly based on Indian traditional storytelling.
Featuring reinforced library binding and full-color photography throughout, Native Nations of North America is an anthology designed to teach young readers in grades 3-6 about native peoples who live on different regions of the continent.
However, due to the expansion of suburban areas in traditionally rural states, larger tracts of native landscapes are being replaced with non-native, non-invasive plants significantly altering plant-insect relationships.
Should only plants native to the area be used or can more attractive and functional nonnative plant selections be planted along with appropriate natives?
There are at least two ways in which immigration could affect schooling outcomes for natives. Immigrant children could compete for schooling resources with native children, lowering the return to native education and discouraging native high school completion.
The Alaska Native Brotherhood is celebrating its 100th anniversary at their Grand Camp convention in October in Sitka, and a number of Alaska's top leaders are expected to give speeches or send congratulations.
By covering such an expansive terrain, Restoring the Balance convincingly demonstrates the critical contributions Native women make to all areas of life as well as the importance of developing social policy through a gender lens.
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The term "native landscaping" may sound alien, but it's actually just a technical way of describing landscaping with plants familiar to your area.
According to a 1993 report of the Commission on Agricultural Workers, native peach-industry workers in Georgia, many of them African American, were displaced by Hispanic migrants.
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