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narrow at the equator

Very hungry. The phrase alludes to the idea of having a slimmer midsection due to not eating. I'm so narrow at the equator—can we please get some food now?
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narrow escape

A situation in which danger or problems are barely avoided. That guy barely made it over the tracks before the train came. What a narrow escape!
See also: escape, narrow

the straight and narrow

A morally upright way of life. I need to stay on the straight and narrow so as to not get arrested again.
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keep to the straight and narrow

Fig. to behave properly and correctly; to stay out of trouble. If you keep to the straight and narrow, you can't help but win in the end. I always keep to the straight and narrow.
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narrow something down (to people or things)

to reduce a list of possibilities from many to a selected few. We can narrow the choice down to green or red. We narrowed down the choice to you or Paul.
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narrow squeak

Fig. a success almost not achieved; a lucky or marginal success; a problem almost not surmounted. That was a narrow squeak. I don't know how I survived. Another narrow squeak like that and I'll give up.
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the straight and narrow

Fig. a straight and law-abiding route through life. (Referring to a morally rigid and correct course of behavior. Fixed order.) You should have no trouble with the police if you stick to the straight and narrow. Roger was the kind who followed the straight and narrow every day of his life.
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narrow escape

A barely successful flight from or avoidance of danger or trouble, as in He had a narrow escape, since the bullet came within inches of his head. This expression uses narrow in the sense of "barely sufficient." [Late 1500s] For a newer synonym, see close call.
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straight and narrow, the

The honest and upright way of living, as in He led a wild life when he was young, but he's been on the straight and narrow for some years . This expression is widely though to come from confusion of straight, "not crooked," with strait, "narrow," owing to a misinterpretation of a passage from the New Testament: "Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life" (Matthew 7:14). The current phrase dates only from the first half of the 1800s.
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the straight and narrow

COMMON If someone or something keeps you on the straight and narrow, they help you to live a good, honest life and prevent you from doing immoral or illegal things. He now had his faith to keep him on the straight and narrow. Note: You can also say that someone strays from the straight and narrow, meaning that they stop living a good, honest life and do something immoral or illegal. The goal is to prevent them from straying from the straight and narrow. Note: `Straight' was originally `strait', which meant `narrow'. The expression probably refers to a passage in the Bible: `Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.'(Matthew 7:14)
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narrow squeak

n. a success almost not achieved; a lucky or marginal success; a problem almost not surmounted. That was a narrow squeak. I don’t know how I survived.
See also: narrow, squeak
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Also, structural deformities of the involved vertebrae can cause narrowing of the spinal canal, producing a variety of neurological symptoms.
Credit spreads have reduced considerably over the last three months with the five-year point narrowing significantly from 540bps to 382bps, a fall of 29% which is inline with the respective sector.
Ultrasound scans were used to measure their levels of artery narrowing at the start of the study and four years later.
In most cases, this dangerous narrowing (stenosis) of the carotid artery is identified during an annual physical exam: The physician hears a rushing sound when he or she holds a stethoscope to the patient's neck.
Two years following their last treatment, the 16 patients on average showed less airway narrowing after stimulation with a drug that causes contraction of airway smooth muscle.
Of the 34 patients, 18 responded to this test with a narrowing, rather than opening, of blood vessels.
Then the beam would broaden before narrowing again and finally disappearing.
During an asthmatic attack, in response to an asthma trigger such as an allergen or irritant, the airway smooth muscle may contract leading to airway narrowing and breathing difficulties.
The extent of disease and reduction in narrowing were comparable in both groups.
In cellular studies reported by others, nitric oxide suppressed stimulation of substances associated with allergic and inflammatory responses, events in asthma which are associated with airway narrowing and breathlessness.
But none remedies the underlying problem--the narrowing of the artery--that sets the stage for a clot.
The narrowing of the carotid artery puts them at future risk of stroke from their carotid disease, but they have yet to display neurological symptoms.
Cube Route, a provider of on demand logistics services, announced today that Bad Boy, a furniture, appliance and electronics retailer, has lowered its operational costs related to customer call outs and improved its customer service by narrowing delivery windows by more than 40%.
The study's main finding is that while the digital divide is narrowing in the U.
This expected narrowing of losses would be the ninth quarter in a row that AOL Latin America has reduced its losses per share.