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nard guard

n. a male genital protector. (see also nads, nards.) There was a nard guard attached to the center of the handlebars.
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1. n. the testicles; the (male) genitals. (see also nads. Probably from gonads.) Yeouch! Right in the nards!
2. n. courage; bravado; balls. That guy has nards!
See also: nard
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For their part, Nard and Duffy concede the lack of empirical
amp; Nard, supra note 14, at 1969-70 (citing both of the above cases
Nard has more than 42 years in the industry and Denny has more than 30 years.
While she slaves away serving, her sister Mary took a pound of very costly perfume of pure nard, anointed the feet of Jesus, wiped his feet with her hair, and filled the house with the fragrance of perfume (Matthew 26:6-13, John 12:1-8).
Nard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Republic Mortgage Insurance Company in Winston-Salem, NC.
It's a great feeling to know that the minated for nard Blakely vice to ridge mulutely ow that the local community appreciates all the hours of hard work that I've put into the club over the years and it was fantastic to be recognised for my efforts.
Nard (46) was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer.
In this book meant for survey courses, Nard (law, Case Western Reserve U.
A number of injuries in key places have not helped May nard - he will again be with out first-choice props Terry Sigley and Casey Dunning - but he is confident the poor run will soon be behind them.
According to Wallace Nard, president of Novaflex, the company will continue to sell and service DCM flexible packaging equipment, Holweg bag machines and ATN folding carton equipment.
Cheryl Stott, Sarah Nard and Michelle Hamilton made the second team and sophomore Stephanie Meek received honorable-mention recognition.
Gallagher's open architecture and tools allow us to integrate more systems regardless of the existing platform," said Karen Nard of Oakwood.
Contract notice: Call for applications for thermal rehabilitation mid canterane occupied the residence, located 45 rue du docteur nard in libourne.
Sixty people - ranging from frontline officers to support staff and members of the Crown Prosecution Service - were praised by departing Chief Constable Ber nard Hogan-Howe.
Those on South and Southeast Asian history examine Kharavela, early Ceylonese inscriptions, Indian tradition and time, transporting gangetic nard from Muziris, Vidisa in the days of Gupta hegemony, early medieval Orissa, and Tagore's take on Southeast Asian and Indian relations.