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nard guard

n. a male genital protector. (see also nads, nards.) There was a nard guard attached to the center of the handlebars.
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1. n. the testicles; the (male) genitals. (see also nads. Probably from gonads.) Yeouch! Right in the nards!
2. n. courage; bravado; balls. That guy has nards!
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Nard in this role will oversee the management of mortgage operations, sales and technology teams as of Monday (19 October 2015) and succeeds the resigning Cheryl Nolda.
While working at ORI, Nard also served as chairman and CEO for the Republic Mortgage Insurance Company.
Also feted in the opening ceremonies were JRU's Philip Cezar and coach Vergel Meneses, Letran's Kerby Raymundo and Raymond Almazan, Mapua's Chito Victolero and coach Atoy Co, Arellano's Jio Jalalon and Nard Pinto, St.
Tenders are invited for construction of road from kuligam to nard (stage-i) phase-x package no.
They also acquired the backcourt duo of Cagayan Valley in Don Trollano and Nard Pinto to compliment the Jericho Cruz, Kevin Ferrer and Allan Mangahas.
Ber nard Hogan-Howe is one of five names up for the high-pressure post.
Those on South and Southeast Asian history examine Kharavela, early Ceylonese inscriptions, Indian tradition and time, transporting gangetic nard from Muziris, Vidisa in the days of Gupta hegemony, early medieval Orissa, and Tagore's take on Southeast Asian and Indian relations.
Those recalling such days and wondering what the future holds include Johnny Vegas, Joan Bakewell, Vic Reeves and the late Ber- nard Manning.
France coach Ber- nard Laporte has challenged his players to handle the pressure as they look to secure the RBS Six Nations Championship title this weekend.
He says NARD opposes the settlement because it allows manufacturers to continue traditional pricing practices.
CAFM Desktop will reinvent the 'intelligence' of the building industry, thus ensuring interoperability and real-time workflow management," said Elizabeth M nard, Vice President of Naoki.
The Elite, who are playing minus three injured key players in Mac Belo, Art dela Cruz and JP Erram, turned to Smith down the stretch and also drew timely plays from guards Nard Pinto and Mike DiGregorio.
While focusing primarily on the principal cases, comments, and problems relating to these fundamentals, Nard (Case School of Law, Case Western Reserve U.
He walked in and told everyone to leave but her,'' bartender Lori Nard said.
NACDS and other members of the National Drug Trade Conference - including the American Pharmaceutical Association' (APhA), the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, NARD (which represents independent drug stores), the National Wholesale Druggists Association and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) - have launched an attack against MedGuide, the FDA initiative that would require printed information to be given to 75% of pharmacy patients by 2000 and to 95% of such consumers by 2006.