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1. n. a narcotic. (see also nark.) She’s been taking narcs.
2. mod. having to do with narcotics. Does he have a narc problem?
3. n. a federal narcotics agent; any narcotics enforcement officer. The narcs caught him.


See narco


and narc (nɑrk)
1. n. a police informer. Fred is a nark. He squealed.
2. in. to inform (on someone) to the police; to squeal. (Often with on.) Don’t nark on me!
3. tv. to annoy someone. (see also narked.) Stop narking me!
4. n. any unpleasant person. Tell that narc to get lost.


See nark
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I told them that I had a production company and I wanted to see material that no-one was attached to - and along came Narc.
But now accusations of corruption ate being levelled at the new government along with concerns that despite an initial period of activity, NARC has not delivered on its pre-election promises.
The race within NARC for Wamalwa's position started well before he died, in fact as soon as it emerged that he would not be able to perform his duties as vice president.
Narc editor Claire Dupree said: "We've been so impressed with the quality of bands coming out of Teesside lately, and Collectors Club are one of my personal favourites.
Claire Dupree, editor of NARC, said: "NARC is so proud to be a part of Evolution Unsigned.
We know that Kenyans have been disappointed and dissatisfied with some of the appointments that the NARC government has made," Wamalwa admitted.
Midway, Midway Arcade Treasures, Joust, Mortal Kombat, Spy Hunter, Rampage, Rampage World Tour, Sinistar, Total Carnage, Defender, NARC, Arch Rivals, Timber, Wizards of War, Kozmik Krooz'r, Wacko and Xenophobe are trademarks of Midway Amusement Games, LLC.
He said MoU between PARC-LZU and establishment of PARC-LZU Ecological Agriculture Centre at NARC will not only be source to strengthen this collaboration but also help to upscale this ongoing collaboration from organizational level to national and regional level through research and technological development by sharing the knowledge, expertise, scientific material and information.
Pakistan has already developed bio-remediation model for wastewater treatment for irrigation at NARC.
Having recently signed to the Fiction/Polydor record label, and with a new single out, the six-piece outfit will be in full low party mood when they headline at the NARC third birthday party celebrations at World Headquarters on April 23.
1395 acres of land was given to NARC on lease which has already been expired.
In only its third year, NARC magazine's Stars In Their Eyes extravaganza has firmly established itself on the festive gigging calendar.