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Start with a classic French plait from the nape of the neck just above the left ear, and work around the hairline from left to right (you are braiding from ear to ear), and ensure that you bring the hair up to the front of the head as you braid.
Bunch your hair below the occipital bone, just above the nape of the neck, and tie it with a covered band.
Ponytails are lower and looser, tied at the nape of the head.
We are thrilled to have Stephanie Hill as our keynote speaker for this year's Professional Development Institute," says NAPE Chief Executive Officer Mimi Lufkin.
The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) finally agreed with the Philippine government, "with finality" to shorten the wait for the transition period - for the eradication of the ARMM with NAPE - from six to three years, during the four-day peace talks held by both parties in Malaysia starting October 2, said a source who requested for anonymity.
roots at the nape of my neck, all animal, impossible to see.
He said the blow left an injury nine centimetres long and three centimetres wide at the nape of the neck.
3) Samantha Contonio holds her 2-year-old Yellow Nape Amazon.
This one's a great long poem about horses that goes from the nape of her neck down to.
The tattoo runs 2ft from the nape of his neck to the base of his spine and shows Dawdon Colliery, Easington.
The lovely Maria, with her soft hands, smooth face, silky blonde hair and sweet-smelling nape (I've never actually smelt her nape, but it's just obvious it would smell ruddy good)?
By day 44 the dorsal midline series extended as a double row anterior to the nape and posterior to 50% BL where it joined to form a single row of irregularly spaced melanophores that continued to 70% BL.
VINTAGE beauty abounded at this year's Oscars with soft and sweeping styles worn at the nape of the neck in classic chignons or retro ponytails.
Roll the ball around the encircled arms twice, then bounce it hard and catch it at the nape of the neck .