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When Germanic tribes conquered England in the middle of the first millennium AD, they also brought their names and their naming conventions with them.
Immigrants from Taiwan and Hong Kong brought this naming practice to America in recent decades.
From words triggering meaning to significant brands turned into verbs (FedEx, Roller-blade, Google and Xerox come to mind), he explores the complexities of naming. Ultimately, he claims the task of namers is to understand how to create specific meaning for their clients and then launch those new names into circulation.
Rivkin and Sutherland can hardly contain their admiration for Pfizer's brilliance in naming its love drug.
Miranda views her sister Abigail's fulfillment of her naming duties during the crisis of Cocoa's birth not just as a necessary task completed but as an important sign of her sister's strength of character.
Now comes word that George Mason High School in Falls Church, VA, has sold the naming rights to its football stadium to a local automobile dealership.
In Naming Tokyo, Mir once again allows her collaborators to drive the content of her work.
It is crucial not to impose modern values of naming and occupational identity on earlier societies, but the dismissive tone with which the wife of has traditionally been viewed cannot be ignored.
At the time Evenhuis was naming Phthiria relativitae, the voluntary code of behavior in the nomenclature rules disparaged humorous names, so he realized that a vigilant journal might reject his choice.
MARK: High tech companies aren't the only ones who make mistakes with their naming conventions.
Like innovations in African-American music and dance, some of our creativity in naming can be traced back to Africa, says Clark-Atlanta University professor Keith E.
Similar to Bop, Sock Toss teaches names through rapid and repetitive naming of group members.
If you're still in the woods about identifying, naming, and pronouncing tree names, please don't call the editors of this magazine.
Taxonomy, the science of identifying and naming entities, has long been an integral component of biologic sciences, both in botany and zoology.