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Congress, created by gerrymandering, prepared for this theft of a Name by the Namer, with votes of its own, votes that revealed nothing more than the puppet strings that, when pulled in Tel Aviv, make Congress dance the Israeli way.
Sources told Defense News that the new Eitan vehicles would be deployed alongside Namers and were expected to weigh 35 tons or less.
In many instances, our company's traditional-type shows are first online," says Namer, whose Metan Global produces its video content in China and offers both traditional TV shows and internet content.
Namer said, " While the renovation will upgrade and modernize numerous aspects of the hotel, we will pay close attention to preserving the building's historic elements and incorporating the culture and artistic spirit of New York City, providing business and leisure travelers with a truly authentic New York experience from arrival through departure.
Over lunch in one of the city's top Japanese eateries, Namer talked to Variety's Clifford Coonan about his projects, the reason it's better to bring Chinese formats West than the other way around, and how it's gotten a lot easier to get his Chinese crews into Hollywood premieres.
General Dynamics, which builds the Double-V hull Stryker and has a contract with the Israeli government to build Namers, did not respond to an interview request.
namer Hie phrase Shakespeare coined is very appropriate here.
Namer and Otugen (1988) [3] experimentally studied the effects of the jet Reynolds number on a plane jet.
I'm only in front of a gang who kidnapped me," Shaea told the judge, Redhwan Al Namer, after he read the verdict in the State Security Court.
Namer Hamad, a political advisor to the Abbas, said of Abbas's visit, "it represents the continuous and ongoing consultation between Abbas and Mubarak regarding the U.
As long as they've already approved the building as part of their commercial portfolio, they feel it's not a big step up for them to give residential loans," said Michael Namer, the developer of new condo Village Green at 311 East 11th Street.
Chaired by Judge Redh-wan Al Namer, the Yemeni State Security Court passed the death sentence on Mumtaz Sultan Amiri, and the five-year terms to Iman Khan Dust Mohammad, and Abdul Wahed Mohammad Ishaq.
A ce titre, le merite de Gerard Namer est d'offrir une interpretation plus historique qu'epistemologique des ecrits de Karl Mannheim, qui met en valeur la portee politique de son oeuvre dans le contexte de l'effondrement des democraties occidentales au debut des annees 1930.
Little is known about his early life, though some sources insist he quit his job as a hurricane namer for the United States Meteorological Service 18 years ago and hasn't looked back.
The Namer (Tiger) is based on the same platform as the Merkava MK4 Battle Tank and has the same high-level of reinforced steel protection.