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Space Shuttle Enterprise < Starship Enterprise (of Star Trek fame) < HMS Enterprise and USS Enterprise--many ships so named since 1774 < enterprise.
I guess they could have named (hurricanes) after flowers or other neutral things.
Indeed, it is believed that a baby who has not been named in a naming ritual does not yet exist as a person but remains in the category of "living object" (Handley 677).
Fly specialist David McAlpine of the Australian Museum in Sydney, for example, named a genus This.
Melissa McDonald was named senior product safety specialist for Elementis Specialties.
Bourne named an associate at Russell Reynolds Associates (New York City Chapter)
EdenCare Senior Living Services, an Atlanta-based assisted and independent living company, has named Clark Hettinga CFO.
If both are correctly identified or neither are named, campers return to their own team.
I wonder if my parents went through the same process when they named me while they sat at the kitchen table one night.
Trees are named for a whole litany of fine reasons, from site (water tupelo, Nyssa aquatica) to country (Canada yew, Taxus canadensis), from shape of leaves (bigtooth aspen, Populus grandidentata) to color of bark (whitebark pine, Pinus albicualis).
In other words, for Ellison there is always that which necessarily escapes any act of naming, any attempt at mastery; an impassable epistemological and linguistic gap separates what is named and its name.
If Harry dies first, the IRA cannot be used to fund a bypass trust unless the trust--or Harry's estate--is named as beneficiary.
Barry named president and CEO of Unishipper (Utah Chapter)