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According to the Place Name Archive, there was another kolkhoz named after him in Laanemaa (LNg) as well.
A record company which is named after a capital which is named after a national toponym which is named after an explorer which is named, ultimately, after a bird.
There are 49,907 women in Israel named Esther and 22,797 men named Mordechai.
Despite Middleton's brother holding the same title, the ( Chicago Sun Times reported that if chosen, the child will be named after the former British royal house of Stuarts and not the child's uncle.
A family named Ware has one dog they call Bee and another named Tupper.
4 : to decide on <Have you named the date for your wedding?>
Saint Patrick's Day (named for the Patron Saint of Ireland)--As we can't call it Lucky Leprechaun Day because that may offend some short people who are neither lucky nor affiliated with Leprechauns, and as the politically correct would be against alcohol usage being associated with Irishmen (okay, Irish people), which rules out "Irish Pub Day," and as the only thing the politically correct really seem to like about the day is all the green color that goes with it, we'll change the holiday to "Bring a Shrub to Work Day."
First, the limits will be available to both the named insured and the additional insured, therefore, the limits may be eroded quickly.
For example, the three sons of a Mu family in Los Angeles were named Stanley, Stanton, and Stanford.
Lazarus the sore-infested named beggar does not ever speak in the parable, illustrating the communal silence we like to maintain for the socially rejected.
Individual viruses, like individual people or any other concrete entities, can be named and identified by so-called diagnostic properties, but they cannot be defined (11).
However, we see many insurance policies with fundamental, structural problems, involving such "small stuff," but nonetheless critically important issues as the Named Insured and Additional Insured status in liability insurance policies.
So if you want spreadsheet formulas that are easy to create and read, follow along with this tutorial to learn how to use a naming system called "named ranges." I invite you to open a blank Excel worksheet and work along with me.