name of the game

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the name of the game

The most important aspect or component of something; the main point of an activity. Getting strike-outs is the name of the game when you're a pitcher. I hope you boys know that safety compliance is the name of the game around here. We don't tolerate any tomfoolery.
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name of the game

Inf. the way things are; the way things can be expected to be. The name of the game is money, money, money. I can't help it. That's the name of the game.
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name of the game, the

The heart of the matter, the true purpose. The origin of this twentieth-century Americanism is uncertain, but Eric Partridge believed it came from sports, where either a coach or a sportswriter would say it in the sense of, “Scoring the most runs—that’s the name of the game” (i.e., the ultimate goal). A popular television series entitled The Name of the Game (1968–71), which was developed from a 1966 film, Fame Is the Name of the Game, helped the expression gain currency.
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PARTYING is the name of the game at one of the highlights of the Redcar and Cleveland calendar - and music fans are snapping up tickets!
Problem Solving is the name of the game, as Year 5 pupils take on the role of Peer Mediators.
Why do you favour politics son, This I don't really see, Well, apparently mum, The name of the game, Seems to be simply what's in it for me!
Statistics are the name of the game, and Boston seeks to help readers know when to throw it all in, and when to back off and wait for the hot streak to come.
FORMULA ONE: Strategy will be the name of the game for Lewis Hamilton at this weekend's French Grand Prix.
Pulling off the craziest combos is the name of the game here, through eight well-crafted environments, and seeing the high scores you create from popping off enemy after enemy is a sweet, sweet reward - especially with online leader boards to post them on!
Disposable fashion was the name of the game for the 81st Newsome Guides.
But that is the name of the game in a highly competitive market at a time when we have the Chinese and places like India and South Africa ready to take over our manufacturing base as their employment costs are much lower.
Enjoy classics like Waterloo, Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, Voulez Vous, Money Money Money, Name Of The Game, Knowing Me Knowing You and many more.
Media exposure is the name of the game. Who can shout the loudest and most often?
Keeping business rolling is the name of the game for Dwight Michaud, owner and president of Timmins Kenworth Ltd.
"All kinds of groups use fear to mobilize, to create solidarity in their ranks, to gain financial support--that's the name of the game."
So happy together: Longevity is the name of the game among North Iowa's faculty: members average 21 years' experience and last year, five retired having spent their entire career in the same district.
"Team work was the name of the game from day one, and all cargo was handled safely and efficiently."
Fundraising was the name of the game on the night with all proceeds going towards much needed playground equipment.