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name someone or something for someone or something

to name someone or something, using the name of someone or something, in any combination. I named her for the beauty of the rising sun. They named the mountain for the first person to see it.
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First, the correct name for a tree is the one that is understood by those with whom you communicate.
Domain marketplaces like Sedo offer a centralized platform to streamline the purchase and sale of domain names though a unified online interface, enabling businesses to find a great name for their new online business or drive a branding initiative, while allowing domain name sellers to get the optimal price for their domain assets.
This anonymity emphasizes not the promise of an eventual fulfilling of identity claims by a more appropriate, or totalizing, name, but the necessary unfulfillability of the name for the named.
The Linnaean system had led him, during one decade's work, to use the same name for three different groups of mints.
After several briefings and presentations, we applied a corporate name for this U.
They report that ``in 1994-1995 the most popular name for Latino boys in New York City and for Asian boys there and in San Francisco and Florida'' was Kevin, which is the diminutive for ``comely, beloved,'' in Gaelic.
When a company seeks a new brand name for a product or service, they need more than a laundry list of ideas or internal ad hoc brainstorming.
You too have given in your name for Christ's contest; you have entered for an event, and its prize is a crown.