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So if a particularly destructive hurricane's name is retired to avoid being insensitive to its victims, why give it a human name in the first place?
Commentators have claimed that John XXIII (1958-1963) signaled his intention to call an ecumenical council by taking the name of an anti-pope deposed by the Council of Constance (1414-1418), who was also John XXIII.
Irving, Texas, changed its name to Commercial Guaranty Lloyds Insurance Co.
People will learn the name Schwarzenegger if they like enough Schwarzenegger movies.
The person whose moods the house takes on, however, never had a name even when she was alive.
To avoid repetition, authors of virology papers use abbreviations for virus names, once the full name has been given.
If the name of the adjacent cell is made up of two words, such as Pretax Earnings in cell A3, Excel will automatically place an underline (_) between Pretax and Earnings--thus Pretax_Earnings.
The name fits, he said, because the beetle is short, fat, and has hairy feet.
Recent legislation has made it possible for you to protect your trademark and your personal name from "cybersquatters"--people who register Web addresses for trademarked names, or anybody's name, and then try to sell them for huge profits.
A complete breakdown of the domain name registration system.
As part of this transaction, DHLI agreed to purchase the DHL trade name for $20 million, DHL reserved the right to use its own name for 15 years on a royalty-free basis, and, after 15 years, DHL agreed to pay a royalty of 0.
Anybody with $70 can register a domain name, as long as it hasn't already been taken.
MARK: That only worked because it was fairly unique among stupid company names and Exxon was arguably slightly better than ENCO, the name it replaced.
If your business does not yet have a site on the world wide web, it may be time to at least reserve a domain name.
Name games encourage quick learning of names by campers, as well as leaders or counselors.