nail to a cross

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nail (one) to a cross

To punish, berate, or hurt one in a very severe fashion for a wrongdoing or transgression. The media is going to nail us to a cross if this leaks to the public. The boss nailed me to a cross for messing up the Jacobson account. She said she was making it her personal mission to nail every drug dealer in the city to a cross during her time in office.
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nail someone to a cross

 and nail someone('s hide) to the wall
Fig. to punish or scold someone severely. (Literally, to crucify someone or to nail someone's skin to the wall like that of a captured animal.) That guy was really mad. He really nailed you to a cross. She must hate your guts. She sure nailed your hide to the wall.
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But what an honours board the club will nail to the wall of their new clubhouse in the season to come.
In the end, it shouldn't matter whether it's Jesse Jackson or Jesse Helms you want to nail to the wall. The government just shouldn't be paying for the hardware.
The second project is an easy-to-install urethane molding that you can cut with a handsaw (no power miter box necessary) and then glue and nail to the walls. The molding is a durable product with the crisp details and shapes you'd expect from solid wood, but it's a lot easier to work with.